Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I've noticed

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or rather, what my mom pointed out.

Yesterday, as she was leaving her apartment, when she got to the the elevators, she heard whooshing water. So, the elevators weren't working and when she got to the stairs, there was a torrent of water flowing down them. She lives on the 9th floor of a 27-floor building. When she made it down the slippery stairs, she got the desk and saw the building manager running around, clucking like a doped up chicken. She also saw a bunch of other folks running around, bumping into things and not really being able to figure anything out. And then it hit her; people can't problem solve any more. Nobody knows what to do when presented with a messy problem.

Same thing with the Oilcano* in the Gulf. Everybody was busy pointing fingers and arguing with each other, the end result being the mess we're in now.

And honestly, I see it in my every day life. Just look around at how people maneuver through their day. Little things confuse them, big things stymie them.

She said she knew that the old ones would know what to do. Her dad, my grampa, worked for the B&O railroad as a train crash inspector. He barely had an 8th grade education, yet the man could figure anything out. There was one story about how a locomotive had overturned and my grampa had to figure out how to right it with little to no real equipment. He jerryrigged some pulleys and levers and popped it right up. I told a civil engineer what my grampa did and how he did it and he was like "That was brilliant! He came up with that all on his own? Man! Impressive."

Do you think anybody these days, least of all with an 8th grade education, can even think themselves out of a paper bag? No. Corporations have taken over the job of thinking for us. They do all the work and the problems solving. And now, our society is completely reliant upon them.

This is not good, people. Not good at all.

*I've settled on Oilcano as the word to be used from now on. It best describes it, donchyathink?

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