Monday, June 14, 2010

Hard to Watch

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But watched, it must be.

Somehow, an Australian news team got access to the Gulf that our MSM couldn't.

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At 11:25 AM, Blogger DanielLee said...

60 minutes Australia did removed the video, only the transcripts remain and the photos are a joke

PapinA on the Wirlpool forum found a mobile version of The Poison Tide video and that is what you are seeing on the You Tube link (which is why the quality is so poor).

Several people emailed 60 min Au to ask why the video was removed, no one I know of has gotten a reply. Caledoz posted on the Whirlpool forum posted about phone calls to ch 9.

Some people have the 60 minutes US program The Blowout confused with the 60 minutes Australia program The Poison Tide. It is only the latter of the two which has been removed.

Michael Usher (The 60 min Au reporter) has a blog.

The question remains....why would 60 minutes go to all the trouble of making the video, have it aired for 24 hours then let someone pressure or tell them to take it down? If a corporation can shut down a source of news, what kind of reporting has that source been doing up till now? It is a question I would still like to know the answer to. It is probably found in who owns 60 minutes. I encourage you to email them or call them to find out the answer.

the phone number is 02 9438 3433 or

Personally I would like to see the removal of The Poison Tide become on of the hottest hits on the Internet, it certainly is not that way now.

It was a stroke of luck that 60 minutes got the clearance to go where other media were not allowed, its a moving program (and quite old by now).

At 12:54 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Indeed and thanks for the update. I had heard that they had removed the video I just hadn't had the time to check it out.


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