Friday, June 11, 2010

With so much going on in so many areas, reported in so many media venues, and the serious problems…

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…plaguing America today, problems, people, political groups and hatred run amok (a word of Philippine origins as it happens; commonly used in a sentence such as, "My Warrior Woman ran so amok to protect, shelter and seek aid for me that the VA Clinic Staff kept a wide, wide, distance from her and the doctors she corralled to assist me and did not dare get in her way.") that are so rapidly destroying America and its ideals that the speed with which they are dismantling our institutions seem to be increasing exponentially by orders of magnitude.

Last week or sometime before (I have no functioning time frame of reference- coulda been last week or two years ago) I wrote of my feelings about the anger, hatred, angry hatred, hateful anger and any combination thereof that was further seriously damaging my already severely damaged psyche.

This, too, concerns me greatly. The destructions of our seas, the engine that drives our planet and allows it to function is becoming seriously impaired, possibly to the point from which there can be no return.

Having seen the folly of believing an undersea oil spill can be contained it still doesn't, won't, can't seem to be understood that once our seas are so damaged they can no longer perform their functions that acid and otherwise polluted rain will fall to begin the final destruction of our planet.

Small example: The Japanese and others in that region have so overwhelmed the whale populations, whales that would have consumed vast quantities of nutritious plankton that the sheer number of plankton available that would otherwise be consumed by whales is now be eaten by hugh jellyfish, growing up to five feet wide and weighing several hundred pounds that is crowding out many other fish and alone now migrate up the coast of Japan rending and tearing so many fishing nets that the fisherman cannot keep up replacing them. Other fleets go out, and with all the plankton consumed by jellyfish, come back with loads of fish insufficient to support their own families, much less any one else. Almost two-thirds of Japan is now surrounded by these jellyfish, tearing net and rendering fishing impossible.

I believe this to be a direct consequence of overfishing the whales that would ordinarily have eaten the plankton and thus stopped the jellyfish migration from the China Sea to the Sea of Japan as the whales and other fish would have consumed that source of food.

In Europe, especially Spain and Portugal, the absence of open ocean food has brought swarm after swarm of jellyfish, most of them, unfortunately being box jellyfish, which sting with the most powerful poison that exists in the natural world. Strong enough to kill a heavy, but healthy, adult in under two minutes. And that from a box jellyfish less than five inches across; they grow to several feet in dome-size with tentacle trails of a hundred feet or more.

These things are happening for a reason and that reason is man. These radical groups spouting now are the jellyfish of America and will kill America just as their sea bound relatives destroy human life.

But this is just my opinion and I could be wrong.

Ciao, bella âmi.

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