Friday, June 11, 2010

Oilpocalypse Part 3

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On a lighter note, my uncle had an idea for the oil.

In my family, and lots of other Italian families, there are women who know how to read water and oil. Mostly, folks would go to these women with a headache or some such malady and ask the woman to tell them if someone had given him the "malooch" meaning an evil eye. Then the woman would say a few prayers and sprinkle some oil in some water and watch how the water interacts with the oil. If the oil blended or blended to a degree, then yes someone has given you the malooch and there are ways to ward that stuff off; prayers could be said, talismans blessed and worn. I know how to do it, my mom knows how to do it and we both learned it from Cousin Barbie who was the queen of it. One time, I told her to read a friend of mine and when she did it, she said "are other people involved because there's a lot of people and a lot of malooch going on." When I told my friend he said that a bunch of them had played with a Ouija board in high school and something weird happened and since then, everyone in the room has either had a bad accident or a traumatic life or committed suicide. So you know, the oil and water thing works.

Anyway, my uncle's idea was to gather up all the Italian malooch readers out there, send them to the gulf and have them read the oil and pray together. That way, the oil will disperse, and everyone in the gulf region will be relieved of their headache.

Well, hell. It's not like BP is doing anything.

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