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Boy, after 40 years or so, excepting a brief period of unbridled prosperity…

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…while Bill Clinton survived the slings and arrows and the bull and horse pucky flung at him by every Neanderthal in the Republican Party with one hand tied behind his back and while thusly fending off the shit he still brought about an eight year period of growth and prosperity, but we all knew there had to come a time of reckoning brought upon us all by the few in power that cared for nothing else than being in power.

I know all Republicans would gladly blow a statue of Reagan peeing in the fountain like those in Belgium with the boy peeing that are so popular in Europe, but too obscene to even look at, much less respect the views of others and discuss it here in America. You'll find many an American, staunch free speech defender, calling for these statues to be gotten rid of. Or made into images of a very young Ronnie Raygun. (Google this, you'll find plenty)

When Reagan was elected it seemed that the country began going to hell faster than a bobsled with lightening shooting up from the turns and complete with crowds such as at the old former Roman-style games cheering for the lions to win. It still amazes me that after publicly admitting that the U.S. was selling arms to "terrorists groups," there are still millions of people that will swear otherwise and pronounce Ronnie the party Saint. The party members completely bought into Reagan's image of the "welfare queens" collecting millions from hardworking taxpayers while they drove their Cadillacs to the Post Office to collect the millions in tax money. People actually bought into this! As a bail agent/bounty hunter for fifteen years I can tell you from my personal experience that the only such people making money were the pimps and dope dealers who beat it out of one to several women.

But hey! Then the fun continued with GWHB, former CIA head and vice president. I remembering laughing so hard that election night when Mila asked me what was wrong, all I could do was laugh even harder and tell her that any country that elects its former head spy for president would surly get what it deserves.

To my surprise, however, Bush ended his political career by raising the taxes he had sworn he never would, and S.O.B., he did because he could see the train wreck coming if he didn't, so in a fit of altruism, hitherto unknown since to exist within the GOP, GHWB raised taxes that, along with the tax raises later to come under Bill Clinton, doubled the value of the stock market and issued in an almost unprecedented period of prosperity and the creation of 22-million new jobs.

I really don't think any correctly thinking citizen would even begin to allege in their wildest dreams that gwb, a terrorist, torturer, sadist, war criminal, squanderer of America's treasury and reservoir, and the most mendacious and ignorant world leader ever was good for America or the world So obviously I am not referring to America's religious-radical, right-wing, mouth-breathing, keep-the-dead-alive (think Terry Schiavo, proclaimed healthy enough to continue treatments by a Doctor Lott of the U.S. Senate despite the fact she was soon thereafter found to be brain dead beyond any hope of revival by her regular doctors), force-women-to bear-a-child-they--do-not-want-and-not -even-from-rape-or-incest, and the many other things gwb and the Big Dick managed to do this country in such a short time with the aid of rich corporations, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and all the other "big somethings".

And what short memories diseased minds retain, attempting to put 40, almost fifty years, of blame on President Obama for the malfeasance, recklessness, illegal, unconstitutional, and secretive little plans to attack Iraq to steal their oil.

It has been an amazing display of dexterity, skill, planning, bold initiatives and remarkable genius! Clearly Obama is the Boris Badenov of this generation, plotting since he was a child to bring about the ruination of America.

As a boy he planned:

global warming and pollution.
The Iran Costa Scandal.
Pimped off Monica Lewinski and almost brought down a presidency!
Single-handedly got gwb the lesser elected president, not just once, but twice!
He was the secret planner of dick cheney for the Oil War, torture, and Gitmo.
He planned and executed the spending of unimaginable sums of money for war and deposing other world leaders.

And you must remember that Obama engineered most of these disasters from his home country when he was just a child.

The mans talents, planning, and ability to execute plans such as these will someday be immortalized in the Presidential Library of every GOP President, all of whom will claim to have alone, by themselves, with no help at all, in a single heroic effort stopped Obama.

The only way any rethuglican will ever give Obama credit for anything after this Gulf Oil Spill is if Obama dons waders and personally undertakes to scoop every last drop of rethuglican-spilled oil from oil rigs from which it is impossible to spill oil.

But the rethuglicans forget: look at all the mayhem wrought single-handledly and tremble in fear at the things to come.

Me? I've got other things on my mind:

Ciao, bella âmi.

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At 2:20 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

Great post, and great pic of Mila.

It's no wonder that you are still grounded after all the lightning bolts that have struck you.


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