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Who ya gonna call - Joe Sestak! A Virginia Senate seat aspirant…

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…who, in an interview on MSNBC, told it like it is: even though we have won a superficial victory in Iraq and have, supposedly, withdrawn the last of our combat troops, the cost of this war, estimated to be between $900,000,000 to $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion dollars) does not yet include the massive health dollars that will be needed to provide even adequate, not great, medical care for the soldiers returning from this illegal war with Iraq. He estimates that it will require ANOTHER trillion dollars or so to provide that care as 25% of combat soldiers returning are suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain damage, and various maladies America is not yet prepared to treat.

I believe that this statement (loosely rewritten, but, I believe, substantially accurate) made by the Democratic candidate for the Virginia Senate Seat was also very bold in pointing out that Iraq was not a war of necessity and has caused a depletion of forces now and in the future, whom will need to be trained and equipped to handle any new threat that arises. He correctly notes that the Afghanistan War was necessary but that bush dropped the ball entirely when he diverted our limited resources to Iraq for a mythical weapons of mass destruction hunt (Old Boy Scouts will remember going out on 'snipe hunts' every bit as real as the search for WMDs.

Of course then the newsreader had to go to Douglas Feith, one of the lead former White House sycophants that broke every record, official or not, for blowing smoke up bush's ass with his entire head up there as well. This is not as easy as it sounds so I do wish to give him credit for performance of such an unsavory act eight years running.

And, just as expected, Feith defended bush with one of those tired, exhausted, dead-by-the-side-of-the-road-and-half-eaten-by-vultures-such-as-dick-cheney arguments that the pResident had weighed the possibility of Saddam having nuclear weapons, Saddam's propensity for attacking his neighbors (with weapons made by or in America' name and freely supplied to him, or supplied free to him, I can never keep that straight in my mind), read all the 'almost unanimous' intelligence reports, and decided that the middle east was a much more dangerous place than it would be without Saddam, thereby making it a matter of vital national security for America to attack Iraq. (My hands hurt too much today to spend much time researching and finding it again, but I have read credible reports that Saddam wrote bush a letter saying that for $1,000,000,000 [a billion bucks] and allowing Saddam to exit Iraq to a country from which he and his family could not be extradited, he would leave voluntarily. So for a paltry billions dollars we could have taken over Iraq in a bloodless coup, had control of all that oil, which was why we went there to begin with, and done it without the loss of a single life on either side, without utterly destroying the country, without creating one of the greatest displacements of a civilization ever, and without creating human suffering on such a grand scale: millions dead, millions more driven from their ancestral lands. All so mas macho bush could kill the guy who tried to kill his daddy, president during the first Gulf War.

Doesn't anyone besides me find this to be reprehensible and the ultimate in vile, evil, conduct?

Anywho, the people of Virginia would be well-served by having Joe Sestak as their Senator, a retired three star general and a man who knows whereof he speaks when it comes to war; that's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it.

It also reaffirmed, to me anyway, that everyone who sycophantically sucked ass in the bush maladministration are sill too embarrassed, or stupid, to recognize what a waste of skin they are. Unbelievable jerkoffs and the remnants of the most corrupt and lawbreaking administration the world has ever seen.

We could have made it just fine without them, thank you very much.

Ciao, bella ami.

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At 12:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill states: "He correctly notes that the Afghanistan War was necessary ..."

So, the WTC is "attacked" and three of its largest buildings are professionally imploded into their architectural footprints allegedly by hapazardly flying two commercial aircraft into two of them (WTC 7 apparently imploded at terminal velocity from empathetic sorrow).

In less than 24 hours, OBL is identified as the perp. Ultimately, the U.S. demands that the Afghans turn OBL over to the U.S. for drumhead courts-martial and summary execution.

The leaders of the Taliban say sure, just show us some reliable evidence that he is actually guilty (in the meantime, OBL had released a statement that, while he wholly approved of the attack, he had nothing to do with it ... as a terrorist who did this kind of shit, why would he lie?).

The U.S. retorts to them stupid fuckin' raghead haji shits that it don't need to provide no stinking evidence, and that either they turn OBL over, or suffer a massive, carpet-bombing invasion. The U.S. subsequently provides absolutely no (legal) evidence whatsoever of OBL's involvement and commences an extensive bombing campaign that continues to this day.

The rest is history.

In the meantime, that same "good (snicker)" war is currently at America's technological cutting edge and development of how to commit massive war crimes, Terminator-style.

Tell me Bill, what's the necessity in any of this?

(The rest of what you express is compelling.)


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

I should have more clearly stated why I agreed with Sestak that the Afghan war was correct and necessary, and qualified my remarks by stating that all reason and justifications for that war ended the very minute we learned Osama had taken up residence in Pakistan.

But as to the beginning: A known terrorist, trained by America to wage guerilla warfare against the Russians, directly claimed to be the mastermind of the attack, the oppressive Taliban would not only NOT give him up, but they expressed their belief in his 'holy' cause, and swore to protect him until the end of time.

As the Taliban was the titular head of Afghanistan and pulled almost all the strings of government I do believe the initial attack was justified, we did momentarily vanquish the Taliban, and then bush, desperately wanting to continue the war until he could attack Iraq, called off the dogs just when they had Osama within sight and a single major push might have led to his capture. At that very moment, in my mind, our reasons, again stating only my personal belief, for invading and staying in Afghanistan ceased to exist.

So while I stand by my words that, "He correctly notes that the Afghanistan War was necessary ...", I should have clearly stated my reasoning and made it clear that I no longer support any war serving no purpose other than killing innocent men, women, and children, especially when a large number of those who died were in Pakistan.

But thanks for calling me out on this, DanD, I should have made these feelings clear from the git-go.

At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I do know that virtually every video of OBL ostensibly taking credit for 9-11 is fake -- some even obviously being so -- and have consequently been assessed as such by most Western intelligence agencies.

Any assessment or other accusation of guilt committed by any element of the U.S. Government against OBL, Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein, Iraq, etc., by default, should be considered as viciously compromised.

The same people who confirmed Saddam's nukes also confirmed OBL's involvement ... liars lie, and the U.S. Gov is a liar. Even so, it is also rich enough to fake positive "proof" of its lies. But even then, it's a sloppy liar. Instead, it still depends on the low-rent Zionlanders for bargain-basement fakes ... Got any Yellow Cake?

The Taliban did confirm that it would protect OBL from illegal kidnapping, but if the U.S. would have shown even just circumstancial proof, I'm sure that they would have caved. I am absolutely certain that they didn't want to suffer a "carpet of bombs" for the likes of OBL.

Anyway, the problem here is that the Afghan war was already a fait accompli long before it was ever even started. This is because -- not only did the Taliban shut down Bush-daddy's global opium operations, but they also refused to allow those oil pipelines to be laid through their sovereign territories. THAT's why the U.S. never even pretended to provide any proof. America was going to invade regardless. Making the Taliban rightfully protect OBL (as their sovereign obligation as a nation) was just part of the plan.

Again immediately after 9-11 happened, OBL plainly declared that he wasn't involved with its production. This is in addition to the fact that Tim Osman was always a CIA asset, and never a true Afghan patriot.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

History will have to sort this out since neither one of us truly knows the who, what, where, why, and when any or all of the decisions were made for this, IMO, now illegal war, so it's useless to try and argue it out between ourselves. My mind has rotated to another tine, I made the jump successfully, but now I don't remember the events of last week anymore or better than I remember last month, last year, ten years ago, etc.

I just have to content myself with the things I can find in this memory set, but as I said, historians decades from now who will have access to no longer 'secret' documents will be the ones able to figure this out, unless bush's nonstop shredding of documents during hi last months in office may have obliterated the trail altogether.

At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, one thing I know, the official conspiracy fantasy (and virtually anything to do with it)is a crock of shit.

There are also other countries involved, with their own archives to protect. And then there is the corporate histories. When (if) enough time passes.

One of the primary places this history is being preserved (mostly as blackmail evidence) is Zionland. Indeed, it was one of the primary sponsors of 9-11. The memory-hole'd expose' of Carl Cameron is significant proof of this.



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