Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For any gamblers in our midst the gorillas in the mist…

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…will put an end to the naked scanning rapidly gaining support among governments and airlines. By this I mean that when the first illegally taken NAKED pictures (and oh, yes, there will be cases of TSA employees taking illegal photographs) of:

A mega-rock star, male or female,
Famous or infamous politicians,
A fabulously wealthy diva,
Playboy bunnies or the male equivalent (especially in a turgid state),
Any completely innocent extremely beautiful female or male,
A future or past First Lady or Former President,
Any elected or former Representative or Senator,
Any sitting Justice of SCOTUS or the many appellate courts,

and any number of other types of people (Play along! How many others can YOU think of?) surfaces and drives public and political outrage to a white-hot feeding frenzy in the MSM, X-rays exposing the entire naked body will cease.

Myself, I think that, purely in the interest of National Security y'know, every single Representative, Senator, and President should be required to 'strut their stuff' in full frame naked glory and be photographed down to the most minute detail of their naked bodies.

National Security should require this in the name of protecting America. And to let them feel AND SEE IN ACTION the gross violation of personal privacy.

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