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Forget famous surrenders of the past and ready yourself…

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…for the most shameful surrender in American history, a surrender I do not believe will leave the nation intact.

Congress, both bodies, have so humbled, abased, embarrassed, and taunted each other to the point that compromise is no longer possible. It's like when a younger sibling knows secret(s) about his elders that even the youngster recognizes that were he or she were to reveal those secrets, it would be so great a breach of trust that the family dynamics would change forever, it might take decades to be forgiven (if at all), and the youngster could face complete exile from the family. Most people will innately understand this.

But, in American politics, which USED to be a family united against the world for the good of all its citizens, there is no more family extant. Now it's republicans, who care for only money and power; democrats that try to do what's best for America but are so inept, inane, and such fools that they would ask an anaconda swallowing them whole it they could negotiate to keep their finger- and toenail clippings or, in other words, democrats are so fucking stupid they would rather sacrifice their children to gain the most minute and inconsequential advantage. Independents that caucus with democrats must bear witness to the slow, agonizing death of America. And teabagging-gop-ers would rather just ostracize or execute democrats and independents.

All these political parties have abandoned rank-and-file American citizens and seeks nothing other than complete domination of the country. Each of them have violated their oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic and each seeks nothing for Americans but a rough time and a hard row to hoe.

None of these parties has done anything to uplift the lives of the ill, the poor, the unemployed, the hungary, and those who must choose between a fresh can of cat food for dinner or a half tablet of vitally needed medicine.

They all posture, preen for the cameras (I can already see Beohner, speaker elect, licking his palms and smoothing back his hair so he looks good on the TV), try to come up with the most clever or outright vicious comment to make about those of a different party as they step over one of the two or three hundred thousand homeless veterans, most of whom are suffering a myriad of illnesses from repeated tours of duty in an illegal war entered to feed the ego of whom? gwb and the lying ass republicans who aided and assisted in getting us into both illegal wars.

And don't give me any horse excrement about Afghanistan being a "good" and "just" war. It cannot be just to kill and maim thousands in an attack on a nation that just happened to have a terrorist residing there. If that were so America needs to surrender to itself as all nineteen terrorists were last known to be on American soil.

It's over, folks. We had a good run right up until republicans elected a deity, Ronnie Raygun, former actor, former governor, and trader of arms to terrorists to obtain release of the hostages in Iran. And don't write me any crap about, "Reagan never did that!" It's hard to deny the crime when its perpetrator confessed on national television, isn't it?

The history of American Presidents over the last 60 years:

34th President, Republican Dwight David Eisenhower, served 1953-1961, best remembered by me for America's formerly greatest interstate highway system and infrastructure ever seen in the world and warning about the 'military-industrial complex' danger facing America.

35th President, Democratic John Kennedy, War Hero, inspired a nation and paid for it with his life, Nov. 22, 1963. I was on the third grade flag team; I cried the entire time I lowered, then raised to the top and lowered the flag to half-staff when he was murdered.

36th President, Democrat, Lyndon Baines Johnson, sacrificed any future political activities after assuming the office of the murdered Pres. Kennedy in order to get the Civil Rights Act passed. "If nominated I will not accept, if elected I will not serve."

37th President, Republican Richard Milhouse Nixon, the most famous crook ever elected, brought immeasurable shame to America with the Watergate Scandal, his plumber squad, his illegal taping, and his real feelings that, "If the president does it it's not illegal."

38th President, Gerald Ford, typical republican, pardoned almost all of the crooks in the Nixon presidency.

39th President, Jimmy Carter, worst complaint, "He's so boring!" Kept the nation at peace and living within its means, left office with $600,000.00 cash in the treasury.

40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan, bargainer with terrorists, armed Iran against Hussein's Iraq, sent aid, weapons and training to Osama bin Laden to help fight against the Russians in Afghanistan.

41st President, George Herbert Walker Bush, family made millions partnering up with the Senior bin Laden, Osama's Dad, but was too bland to re-elect.

42nd President, William Jefferson Clinton, besides his legendary predilection for illicit sex it at least kept him too busy to spend money, left office with hugh surpluses - just like the last democratic president. Strange, huh?

43rd President, George Walker Bush, Nixon on steroids, a crook, a liar, a usurper of the Constitution, warmonger, would be dictator, bankrupted the country. Did I forget anything?

44th President, Barack Hussein Obama, political coward with just enough charisma to get elected, but lacking the guts to stand up for America and Americans, backs down from every fight, and has the smallest cojones I've ever heard of for a Harvard educated attorney. He is the only democrat on this list with no major accomplishments (other than getting elected), he is surrendering democratic American dominance in politics to men far less intelligent than he, AND IT SUCKS A BIG ROOT!

And finally, please note that with the exceptions of Eisenhower and too-bland-to-be-real Bush the Elder, every other republican president has engaged in blatantly illegal acts in contravention of American Law and Treaties, while every democrat serving over the last 60 years may have been boring, may have had dalliances they shouldn't, but they knew how to govern for all, even the least of us, they were not war criminals, looters of weaker nations, they didn't deplete and almost destroy our armed forces.


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