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Step aside Jimmy Carter, h-e-e-r-r-e-e-'s Barack Obama…

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…who desperately needs a reminder:
"Soon you will have forgotten the world, and the world will have forgotten you." Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 2nd Century
For so long Jimmy Carter has been one of the boogeymen of the GOP. He hasn't sunk into the mire and the mud and the muck of after-office politics, to my memory I cannot ever recall a single instance were he denigrated an opponent (in or out of office), and he did something that as a young man I thought I would never see: America at peace with the world; no staged attacks, no false provocations or pretensions toward war, no, none of the phony bullshit of every president that succeeded him in office.

Four years of peace, our children not being slaughtered, the budget of America was sound, a surplus of over $600,000 in the treasury, and then the republicans regained the office of the Presidency. It's been all downhill sledding with Dante (the one and only True Leader of the teabagger-gop-er party, dontchaknow) as he carries the country round and round, down into the ground, as fast as he can possibly carry us, only to find, when we arrive, that America has taken a dive, right into the very muck and mire we sought to survive. Barack Obama, I don't think, will be anywhere as close to being remembered kindly as Carter.

Can he build a house? HA! He went to H-a-a-v-a-a-d Law School and almost everyone has had their fill of attorneys! Boy! Back in the Eighties going to Law School was like a trip to Disneyland! Come one, come all, three short years and you, too can be an F. Lee Bailey, a Thurgood Marshall, a Johnny Cochran, rolling in money, using $100 bills to stuff your mattress! Hookers! Fame! Greed! Avarice! Power on loan from S-a-t-a-n!

The republican teabagger-gop-er party will buy your soul…sacrifice! Yeah, sacrifice your soul, that's the ticket, and bring your corporeal body with you so you can stand up in court and tell the rethuglian judge the party's wishes and he will routinely rule for you and against democrats.

And the teabagging-gop-ers? How soon they forget:
"People in the fashionable world are driven to commit as many ugly actions through snobbery as wretches are through misery. Robert de Flers and Francis de Croisset, Les Préciuuses de Genève, 1929.
And the entire country should remember the sage words of Sydney Smith, an American playwright, circa early 1900s:
I am not fond of expecting catastrophes, but there are cracks in the universe.
I have plenty more to say, having never been so entirely disgusted with any single politician in my life as I am with Barack Obama, but, alas, I tire quickly whenever my mind is set racing at light speed, all the words coming at me unchecked, so many that by the time I have typed a few, thousands more words have passed me by, lost in the endless recesses of my mind. I long ago recognized this long, slow descent into thoughtlessness, a void from which I will not escape.

But in the end isn't that what happens to us all? Screwed by the rich, specifically the rich politicians buying their way into office, shunned by the world that sees us for what we have become, and churches, a boon to the formation of early society that has twisted their ethics, beliefs, and clergy into money collectors for a god they know damn well cannot spend it. He can't spend it so these holy men step in as purported stewards of the most vast treasures ever accumulated by man and spend it on themselves and on the men that can assure the treasure collecting of the churches cannot be stopped.

Note for Vidiot Mom: Thank you for your very kind words. I find much solace knowing that my words and writing have reached out and touched someone. If you are so inclined, please obtain my email address from the Vidiot (You know her, right?) so we may correspond directly. I am further flattered that you brought my writing to the attention of others; perhaps you and your friends might care to suggest subjects for me to write about? Really, I'd like that.

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