Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skating away, skating away, skating away on the thin ice of a new day…

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…(Jethro Tull)

The thin ice upon which America has been skating for decades has grown very thin indeed. Our legislative branch of the government is essentially useless, the same faces spouting the same rhetoric about phony bipartisanship has created a total gridlock. Our judicial branch is still aiding in this perfidy by hearing ever more bogus charges of vote-fixing or voter fraud, Obama's citizenship, don't ask-don't tell, and, during the bush era, seemed to tailor their rulings to conform with bush's desire to return to the Nixon days where, "…if the president does it it's not illegal…," and, further, aided the bush administration by allowing draconian legislation limiting our civil rights, rights to privacy, the right to expect that our homes will be inviolate unless a valid bench warrant has been approved by a judge after a review to assure there is probable cause for that entry into our domain, and the wiretapping of our calls overseas and observing our internet usage.

Now the teabagger-gop-ers have devolved to outright blackmail: If you won't blow up the budget with another 700 billion dollar shortage caused directly by more tax breaks for the wealthiest class in America, we will make sure all the unemployed will starve over Christmas by refusing to pass the legislation necessary to keep their benefit checks coming in.

I'm sure in the idyllic little vermin minds of republican leaders all those collecting benefits must be illegal aliens and democrats too used to the welfare state to go out and find a non-existant job that will support a family, but I think (hope) that the republicans standing out there in the dole lines will certainly recognize that that is not the case at all.

So for all the republicans returning to office asinine leadership that values your worth at ZERO, that would rather see you starve instead of living on the pittance the government might mete out, may you finally realize that a vote for a republican is a vote for misery and suffering for the poor, the infirm, those choosing between medicine and food, those losing their homes and all the rest of the seeming punishment of the poor for having defied the will of the rich, old, white man party called the KKK…er…gop.

Yes the Grand Old Party working hard with their allies, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Assholes is blackmailing America without regard to the disaster brought upon this once proud nation that has been reduced to the playground of a political part that doesn't want to rule. They don't give a damn about ruling; witness the bush train wreck that almost destroyed America, made us the laughingstock of the world and, now, the Wikileaks show that other world leaders view us as their lapdog, easily goading our leaders into ever more terrible adventures.

No, they give not a twit for leading a formerly great nation back to greatness. No, they want to get the nation so drunk on the swill they produce that they can bend Lady America over a park bench, ravish and ravage her as they continue to loot America.

I do have just one question for these nutjobs: When the government of America collapses from within do you honestly believe all those dollars you are amassing at the expense of every citizen will be worth damn? That other nations will go crazy buying up more and more of America until the day our new foreign masters cast you aside like the used whore, Ameria, that you have kicked aside time and time again.

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