Thursday, March 17, 2011

Speaking of overreaching governors…

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…it should be perfectly clear that the teabagger-gop-ers have declared war against their constituents, the U.S. Constitution, and that they are seeking dictatorial powers that have never existed in America but that, if they are not slapped down (or into irons), they will so radicalize their base that we will soon have open warfare right here on the streets of this once proud land.

The actions of Michigan and Wisconsin, through their elected officials, are so clearly, blatantly, and patently extra-constitutional that if they are not dealt with harshly and those governors removed from office their cancer will spread from statehouse-to-statehouse until America is torn apart by assholes like these.

They don't want to maintain the status quo, they want slaves, people paid so poorly any semblance of a middle class will disappear, the rich will continue to reap vast fortunes off the backs of the poor, and governors will become the modern day potentates overseeing the continuing transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Anyone that doesn't see this raw power grab for what it is as dumb as a rock. Maybe dumber.

Maybe every union member and everyone working under contract to Michigan and Wisconsin should come down with a dose of "blue flu" for which their doctors can recommend a week of bed rest and absolutely no stressful work during that period. This has worked wonders for police unions, why not there?

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