Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Corporations can do what they want around here

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Now, lobbyists in Iowa have managed to get a bill to the Iowa House that will, if passed,
...prohibits individuals or groups from “interfering with an animal facility or crop operation.” Such interference, as defined in the bill, would include audio and visual recordings and their distribution. Those found guilty of interference would be prosecuted for an aggravated misdemeanor crime on a first offense and of a class D felony on any subsequent offenses.

In addition, the bill makes it a crime (fraud) for an individual to gain access to an animal facility or crop operation under false pretenses. First offenders would face an aggravated misdemeanor charge and subsequent offenses would garner felony prosecution.
This means that they can do whatever they want to the animals with no fear of reprisals.

Corporations have no morality, hence they should not be treated as persons under the law.



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