Friday, March 11, 2011

This animation put the Japan earthquake into perspective

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Scary, huh? Here's the link to the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research.

A friend of my mother's was in Tokyo at the time:
Wanted to let you all know I'm fine. I was seeing BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ...and at the beginning of BE OUR GUEST the theatre started rocking. At first I thought it was ...the audience rocking along to the tune...nope, it really started to shake....and shake....and shake!!!

Everyone was evacuated...we waited a bit, went back in....a strong aftershock, we were evacuated again. Show canceled! We were given a paper with a number to call to reschedule...wonder if we'll get refunds?? LOL!

The subways stopped running. So, we were getting food and the presenter just happened to spot us and drove us back to the theater. Traffic was horrific, it took 90 minutes. Our show was canceled tonight and both shows tomorrow (Saturday). He then drove us back to the hotel, traffic still bad...just got up to the room now.

For such a huge event it's amazing how ordered and matter-of-fact the Japanese are. While there was some major devastation, it's surprising that there weren't more catastrophes and buildings damaged.
Now, all I can think about is that I'm now living on top of one of the largest fault lines in this hemisphere.


OK, it's time to come home now!



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