Monday, April 24, 2006

Update on the Vidiot:

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I received the following from Mr. Vidiot. He's understandably a bit more concerned with VidiotCare than arcane blogger tech details, so I posted this for him:

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The vidiot is out of her six hour surgery as of Thursday afternoon and doing well. The surgery was a success as everything went exactly as planned. Obviously, the vidiot is experiencing a bit of discomfort but plans on posting in the next couple of days to provide further detail of the procedure. She is on medication to assist her discomfort and recovery process. She is good hands and being well taken care with the utmost care. Rest assured, all is well and she is doing fine. She looks forward to posting soon as do I, posting occasionally to blow all of you out the water, both so called "conservatives" and "liberals". As soon as the recovery process reaches completion, we will continue the fight of deconstructing the common sense logic of our social order in hopes to contribute to the dismantling of all political, social, cultural and economic power structures. The fight is a good one; the challenge will be met to victory. American hegemony is increasingly becoming fractured exposing the weaknesses of all ideological teams that have penetrated deeply into the subconscious of our human condition. Fret not, resistance is everywhere and will never waver.
She did warn of my rather anarchistic tendencies. I, however, belong to no category opting in its stead to obliterate all categories.

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