Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Under the radar

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Britain sees no evidence US behind Somalia violence

A British government minister said on Wednesday he had seen no evidence to substantiate accusations Washington was funding Mogadishu warlords in a battle with Islamic militia.
Commenting on accusations from the Islamic militia that Washington is backing the warlords, charges given credence by many analysts, Benn said: "I am aware that people have made those comments ... I haven't seen any evidence myself." [ED: can you say 'carefully parsed non-denial denial?']
The United States has not confirmed or denied the claims, but said it would support groups in Somalia fighting terrorism.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said earlier in Washington "there is concern about the presence of foreign terrorists, particularly al Qaeda, within Somalia right now".

"In an environment of instability, as we've seen in the past, al Qaeda may take root
IOW, AQ didn't exist in Iraq until we invaded. But wait, there's more!
State Department spokesman Sean McCormack sidestepped questions over whether the United States was funding warlords but said Washington was working with "responsible members of the Somali political spectrum" whom he declined to name.
Anyone else translate 'working with' to 'giving money to'!? Maybe next Bush will send 6,000 National Guard troops to their border.


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