Friday, June 09, 2006

Deja Vu all over again ...

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UPDATE: Check out the captions section.
UPDATEx2: Can you tell which one of the captions is coherent now? I thought you could!

Here's a headline I never get tired of seeing, (which is good because I've seen it four times in two years):
[Katherine] Harris' chief of staff quits

And in related news Katherine Harris will replace him with a seeing eye dog ... or maybe the bitch is just a wet nurse for her sweater puppies ... no, no, the other bitch.

Caption contest:

1) New logo of the Harris campaign: More Horses' Asses Than Horses!
2) I told you I'd turn this campaign around.
3) And now for a word from my constituents.
4) Whew! I swear it was the horse!
5) There are two points I'd like to call your attention to ...
6) They're gyro stabilized, they always point forward no matter how backwards I look.

Bonus track: Check out Kat's latest campaign video!


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