Saturday, February 10, 2007

This really grinds my gears.

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Here I am, calmly sipping my coffee, catching up on some of the buzz in the blogs and I'm reading Josh Marshalls' Talking Points Memo and I read this:
Excerpt: A few days ago, I linked to a James Fallows' column in which he suggested that Congress take steps now to head off an Iran misadventure. Several readers emailed wondering whether Congress has the power to preempt the President from taking military action.

As it turns out, the Senate Judiciary Committee has held hearings recently on this issue. In a column of his own, John Dean summarizes the bipartisan consensus that emerged from witnesses who testified at that hearing:
And I think "Hearing? They're holding a hearing on whether Congress has the power to stop Bush from taking action against Iran??? A gawddamm freakin' hearing? What? Haven't they read the Constitution or even their job descriptions??!!"

Honestly. OF COURSE they can stop him. He may be Commander in Chief of the military, but they hold the purse strings. And if he STILL wants to bomb Iran, they impeach him. And if he ignores that, they send the Capitol police to arrest his ass. You don't need no stinkin' hearings. You just need consensus and boy, if they don't have concensus on something like the subject of Iran, then we're all freakin' doomed.

DOOMED I tell you. Doomed.


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