Friday, March 23, 2007

US In Iraq: What Went Wrong?

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"Since the invasion of Iraq four years ago, some 134 British troops and more than 3,200 US service personnel have been killed. It is harder to quantify the number of Iraqi deaths, estimates range from 60,000 to more than 600,000. One thing is certain; the cost in human life of the conflict has been huge. And the killing goes on.

But given this was not a snap conflict and had been planned for months, some say years, how did things go so wrong? To find out our diplomatic editor Mark Urban spoke to some of the senior US military figures who were charged with putting Iraq back together after the invasion.
You can watch his film by clicking here"

I can't opine on the film (29 mins) I am having problems streaming a lot of stuff at the moment, but given that it is "Newsnight" it should be the business.


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