Monday, May 14, 2007

Congressional Resolutions to Waste Time - Ugh

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As a disabled or "medically retired" veteran with entirely too much time on my hands I usually listen to C-Span (for the House) and C-Span 2 (for the Senate) while I'm surfin' for a subject on which to post, and there's something about the way they conduct business in both bodies that I find disturbing.

It is bad enough that the Republicans, pursuant to instructions given by their true leader, Grover Norquist, are dedicating themselves to absolute obstructionism to prevent "anything good from coming out of this Congress", but the endless stream of Republican sycophants either bitching, moaning, and screaming about unfairness (which is comical enough by itself after the way the GOP destroyed any shred of honor there used to be in being a politician), but the inane BS that they, and some Democrats, bring to the floor is stupid, time-consuming, and without relevance to 99.85% of the country.

Just now they passed a Resolution congratulating some basketball team for winning some championship or another (I apologize to any b-ball fans, I just don't follow the sport).

Aren't there two wars we're losing? Hasn't the country come ever so close to a financial collapse from the weight of budget and trade deficits? Aren't more children than ever going to bed hungry? Aren't there more people than ever without health insurance? Hasn't the "housing bubble" burst and aren't more foreclosures happening than ever before in history? Aren't our seniors getting royally screwed by Medicare Plan B? Why has our GDP shrunk to a growth rate of 1.5%, the worst in years? Aren't more jobs going overseas than ever before?

In other words, in times of peace and prosperity such nonsense as a representative wanting to congratulate his local sports team with a resolution might be fine and dandy.

But right now I believe this is a dangerous distraction and waste of precious congressional time and resources that would be better devoted to solving serious problems than bragging about a person's favorite sports team and wasting time with nonsense resolutions of no import whatever to 90% of the country.

If this is the kind of crap they are going to use congressional time, resources, and facilities on, why don't they just divide congress into volleyball teams and show the taxpayers how their money is really being spent?

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At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Toast said...

why don't they just divide congress into volleyball teams and show the taxpayers how their money is really being spent?

Actually, the number of political junkies who would pony up to see a Congressional Volleyball Tournament -- for the sheer comedy of it, mind you -- would probably make it a net revenue generator.

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

ROTFLMAO! Ya always brighten th' day, toast.


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