Monday, May 14, 2007

Hundreds of Casualties from a Single Attack?

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I had turned on C-Span this morning just in time to hear a rep from the armed forces committee (possibly the chairman, I was so shocked at what I heard I now cannot remember his name) who said that there were reports of very heavy casualties, possibly in the hundreds, from a single incident over the weekend , that there were reports of two hospital ships being used to evacuate the casualties, and that if true, it meant the administration was deliberately concealing from the public the actual event and number of dead and wounded.

He further stated that this would mean that bush continues to lie and propagandize instead of leveling with the American people, probably laboring under the impression people would even more adamantly demand an end to this war if this info was found out.

This is a developing story and I will keep an eye out for further info. If I find it unsupported elsewhere or hear a differing version of this I will report that also.

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