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A Question for Creationists - Can Anybody Really be so Stupid?

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Just a couple of quick thoughts asking if Creationists are really so stupid that they believe man and dinosaur lived simultaneously, and that Man won out over the dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 125 million years for a reason: they adapted, evolved, were smarter than we originally thought, may have been warm-blooded, some mother dinosaurs cared for their young, and many species hunted in packs.

So here are some questions you might like to ask your local Creationist:

How many men throwing stones, using stone axes, or throwing spears does it take to bring down a T. Rex? A Velociraptor? A brontosaurus?

Man, being a hunter/gatherer, has from the beginning of time kept souvenirs of the prey he has killed. How many T. Rex heads have you seen mounted on a wall? How many triceratops rugs with "special massaging bumps" have you ever seen? Where are the gigantic carpets, or for that matter tents, made from the hide of a diplodocus? Where are the necklaces made from the teeth and claws of a velociraptor? Where are the boats made with the spine and ribs of a dinosaur providing the basic framework and support?

Why were dinosaurs never discussed by Plato? Socrates? Homer? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody? Why are no dinosaurs depicted in the early artwork of man? Why no pictographs, artist renderings, or hieroglyphics representing the dinosaurs? Not even in the Great Pyramids or the ancient caves of our ancestors? Why aren't dinosaurs mentioned in any way or even described in the written chronologies of man?

Why is there NO MENTION AT ALL of dinosaurs in the Bible, which Creationists claim is the very word of God? Where are the epic stories of a small number of men who, through the Grace of God, fought fearlessly for days and days to defeat an allosaurus? Why no stories of great feasts upon dinosaurs that took days to kill to supply the meat? Where are the ancient recipes for roasted dinosaur? Where have all the furnishings, the furniture, made from dinosaurs gone? What happened to all the neat tools that ancient man would gladly have used dinosaur bones to construct? Where are the weapons they surely would have formed from the bones? Why are there no examples of "etched" or scrimshawed decorative bones?

They seemingly do not exist, and I would aver that the lack of physical evidence totally eliminates ANY credibility of ANY person who does not believe in evolution, who insists that the earth is only six thousand years old, and that man and dinosaur coexisted.

Until creationists, any creationist, can answer all the above questions, I will continue to tell the world that Creationists are full of sh*t. Which means that the three GOP candidates for president that refuse to believe the concept of evolution and instead place their bets with the Creationists are quite obviously dumb a$$e$. And I don't know about you, but anyone who believes the Bible is the literal and true word of God, and that maintains man and dinosaur coexisted, is almost too stupid to breathe oxygen, much less hold any position of power and responsibility.

I could always be wrong, but I cannot, and will not, ever believe that Creationism is anything more than crassly appealing to the least intelligent among us, you know, the Republican "base".

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At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make some good arguments; however you loose credibility when you call people who do not believe as you "stupid". You also show your own lack of intelligence when you allienate possible converts from the "Republican Base".

At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

Well, hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion, has the right to state that opinion, this is formed from my opinion on the matter, and you do not refute anything I said except commenting on my language use and alleging I lack intelligence "when [I] alienate possible converts from the Republican base."

Uh, I hate to point this out, but any converts from the Republican base no longer fit the description of my text anyway. If they converted, they have outgrown their stupidity.

Thanx for your comments, but with respect to anonymous #2 above, children that believe in fairy tales are cute and charming. Adults that continue to buy into fairy tales and actively seek to change the world based upon that fairy tale is nuts, a fanatic, or stupid. You pick. Didn't you see the adults taking their children for indoctrination at the Creationist Museum (or whatever its called)? Do you think it appropriate to educate children in a false ideology?

And besides, if you read the piece again you will not find a single word saying that people who don't believe ME are stupid. The ideology purporting that man and dinosaurs coexisted is what I consider "stupid. Not at any time did I say or even hint that disbelieving me makes someone stupid.

Also, if you are looking for politeness and dignified language, your talking to the wrong guy. I don't use weasel words or phrases like "misguided, uninformed, intellectually dishonest, or idiosyncratic belief systems," when I honestly mean stupid, stupid, stupid, or "indoctrination into a radical right-wing group of religious freaks."

You, too, have the right to state your opinion, I helped defend that right, nearly lost my life in return, and I really am sincere when I thank you for doing stating your opinion even though we in this case disagree #2.

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

Hey! Anonymous #!, come back again and again and again, please, I'm happy you found us.

Thanx for your comment as well.


At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They can and they are, although I believe "mentally deficient" is preferred.

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, it doesn't matter about Creation or Evolution. Here is the bottom line.
The United States had an increase of 13 Million people from 2004 to 2009. That's only 5 years. In 25 years that will be 65 Million people. In 50 years that will be 130 Million people. In 100 years that will be 260 Million people. In 500 years that will be 1 Billion 300 Million people. Add that to the 300 Million people that we already have and you come up with a grand total of 1 Billion 600 Million people in the United States by the year 2509. There are 195 countries listed in the world. What do you think the world's population will be in 500 years? If there is poverty, starvation, global warming and a hole in the ozone layer now, what do you think these problems will be like in 500 years? Does the word "CANNIBALISM" mean anything? Save your generations from suffering a miserable and horrible end. Stop creating and if you have children tell them when they grow up not to create. I am 100% sure they will appreciate not being left behind to suffer that situation. Help spread this message to the entire world. +JC


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