Sunday, June 24, 2007

Does Absence Really Make the Heart Grow Fonder? Or Does Absence Mean Genocide?

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Something caught my attention when I read this article from the LA Times, the subject of which was the unending deaths Americans are suffering for Iraqi Oil. What do I say that? Because no matter the subject being addressed about Iraq it seems that the oil Production [or profit] Sharing Agreements are always mentioned as the prime criteria for Iraq to meet by fair means or foul, but this time something is so conspicuous by its absence that it makes my head spin.:
"The [Shiite] United Iraqi Alliance together with the Kurds have agreed to this law," said Wail Abdul Lateef, a Cabinet member who is with a secular coalition. "This law is very important for Iraq, which is living under enormous poverty even though its citizens are living over a gold lake."

Kurdish and Shiite blocs control about 80% of parliament seats. Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish lawmaker, said several issues related to revenue sharing were being debated, including how much power a state-run oil company would have. But he has said that the government of the semiautonomous region of Kurdistan had agreed to take 17% of the oil wealth.

"They agreed upon this very important item about how they divide the revenues, and they agreed they will discuss the other points," Othman said.
So the Shite and Kurdish blocs have agreed on how to share the oil wealth. That's very nice, [Did you know that the original definition of the word "nice" was "idiot"? Bill] but I distinctly remember that there are THREE parties from whom agreement on any oil agreement is required: the Shia, the Kurds, AND the Sunnis, and it would appear that the two larger blocs, the Shia and the Kurds, are ready to run roughshod right over the Sunnis and make the oil deal amongst themselves and totally excluding the Sunnis.

Oh yeah, that's sure to bring about peace, prosperity, sunshine and blue skies to Iraq all right - just kill off all the Sunnis, for that is the only way to be able to split the oil money without protest and an even greater insurgency (what precious little profits there will be - American Big Oil will be taking 85%-87% of all oil profit for the next thirty years under the PSA). I doubt that the Sunnis weren't omitted in the article by accident, being the former party in charge under Saddam, and I don't buy any competent journalist forgetting to include all three blocs. (How hard is it to remember three parties?)

Is this the Neocon's Final Solution? A genocide of the Sunnis so they can finally get control of Iraq's oil? Will there be other genocides prosecuted by the United States of America, a metaphysical mugging of and then the killing of innocents of yet other countries unable to withstand an attack from America? Just because they have oil?

American values are defined by America's actions and the entire world now knows on which side of this issue America stands.

(BTW, the terrible loss of another thirty troops in just a few days is abominable and criminal. God bless all our soldiers, protect them from harm, pray that each of our dead has gone to a better place, and that those living be returned to their families unharmed.)

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