Monday, June 25, 2007

bush/cheney's Denial They are the Executive Branch Makes Speaker Pelosi President

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First Dick Cheney denied he was a part of the Executive Branch of government. bush has now said that he, too, is not a part of the Executive Branch insofar as exempting himself from an order issued to the "Executive Branch", meaning that there is no one in charge of the government through the Executive Branch and that the next person in the line of succession, according to the Constitution, is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, now President Nancy Pelosi.

Someone needs to notify the former president and ex-vice president to start vacating their offices so President Pelosi can begin the process of taking over the government.

This poses quite a conundrum for me, as an unrestrained Nancy Pelosi is liable to fall prey to spontaneous outbreaks of kindness, decency, and intelligence, and I am deathly afraid that, as a grandmother of six, she might actually change America to the point of non-recognition: Stopping wars, feeding and housing the poor, insuring health care for everyone, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and actually doing something to really honor our troops other than using them as a propaganda front to hide her true intent. And, oh my god, she might demand "pay/go" rules in the Congress so they once again have to show where from the money will come to finance a bill. And jesus, she might demand a true balanced budget, not the phony bush kind that hides losses of over a trillion dollars per annum.

Oh, lordy, she would bring back true diplomacy and talk to our enemies, and she might achieve cooperation that would cause the cessation of eternal war. Hell, she might even say the "war on terror" is over and all disputes will be resolved through negotiations that would bring peace and prosperity to the world and reestablish America's place in the world as "that shining beacon of democracy on the Hill."

Oh, the horror. The horror.

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At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, Bill!!

Does this mean she is now President Pelosi?

I guess the joke's on Bush and Cheney.

The President Pelosi Joke?

Or (gasp) PPJ, for short??? ;-)

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

If we no longer have a chief executive and a VP then she would be president-that's just a line-of-succession-stuff.

And don't think I di'int catch that PPJ reference! I'm better now and will be posting soon, Edger, nice to have you surface like that!


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