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Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave When We First Practice to Deceive

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There has been absolutely no benefit to America from having a bush/cheney maladministration, 'cept for the pure entertainment value of watching and listening as administration lies conflict with not only the truth, but with each other.

Seriously, quick! Name five things bush has done well for the country. Name five times where bush has put the welfare of the nation ahead of the welfare of his political party. Name five noble acts of bush since 2000. Name five world leaders who genuinely trust bush or Americans anymore.

Now count how many under bush have been forced to resign under an ethics cloud. How many bush employees have been convicted of crimes? How many are now in jail? How many citizens are being illegally spied upon? How many are being illegally phone-tapped? How many hundreds of thousands have died since bush took over? How many war crimes has bush committed? How many signing statements has he made to show his intent to disobey the law? How many people has he ordered killed extra-judicially? How many people has he made sure were tortured to the point of insanity? How many are being illegally held at Gitmo, one of the greatest embarrassments in American history?

Obviously bush has been an unmitigated disaster ever since he was appointed president in 2000, America has gotten nothing but grief with him as Chief Executive, and bush's actions have exponentially increased the danger to America.

I think (and could be easily wrong) that there have been at least three or four attempts to allege the Iranian Quds Guard are kidnapping American soldiers (without a shred of proof), building and smuggling in ever more powerful weapons (with American writings and nomenclature printed on them), and that the Iranians are becoming a "clear and present danger to Americans in Iraq."

Of course the story line ends there if you remember that the Iranians, too, are Shia, and it's highly unlikely to take any actions against the Shia majority they wish to rule Iraq, especially at risk of being bombed by our resident madman in the White House based upon whatever the lie of the day is.

Another setback in the tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive comes from The Huffington Post/AP Wires:
Suicide bombings killed nearly 50 people and wounded dozens in two Shiite villages north of Baghdad, including a large truck explosion Saturday that ripped through an outdoor market and buried victims in rubble, officials said.

Separately, eight American troops and a British soldier were killed in fighting over two days.

The blasts suggested that Sunni militants are regrouping to launch their deadliest form of attack _ suicide explosions, often against Shiites _ in regions further away from Baghdad, beyond the edges of a three-week old U.S. offensive on the capital's northern flank.
This story is a graphic reminder that, contrary to the lies of bush/cheney and the remaining sycophantic generals and flag officers who will obviously lie on command, it is not the Iranians posing the greatest threat to our troops in Iraq, but the continuing civil warfare between the two biggest religious factions: the Shia and the Sunni.

But the administration cannot let go of their lies, as shown here in the same article:
Four soldiers were killed in two roadside bomb attacks on their patrols, both in the capital, the military said. A U.S. soldier and an Iraqi interpreter were killed Friday when an explosively formed penetrator exploded near their patrol in southeastern Baghdad. Explosively formed penetrators are high-tech bombs that the U.S. believes are provided by Iran, a charge denied by Tehran. [These are the "highly sophisticated bombs allegedly being supplied by Iran that any competent high school metal shop student with experience could manufacture. Bill]

On Thursday, two Marines were killed in western Anbar province and a soldier died in Baghdad, the latest military statement said.
Of course, Anbar province is a Sunni stronghold and hardly friends of Iranian Shia. It has been "pacified" several times over the last four years to no avail. I mean, how many times can you destroy every village and dispossess millions of their homes in just Anbar province?

So what's the story going to be this week? It's the Sunnis; no, it's the Iranian Quds; no, it's Shia militant death squads; no, it's al-Qaede; no it's Sunni insurgents; no, it's the Shia insurgents; no, it's anyone we say it is. Any wonder why troops can get confused and not know who the true enemy is when your bosses change the bad guy's identities every couple of days?

Where and when will the lies stop? When America controls 85%-87% of all oil profits for the next thirty years, 'cause that's why we attacked and why we have wrought so much carnage in Iraq.

Clearly bush needs a new slogan for the mouth-breathers that hang on every word. How 'bout, "Operation Kill "Em All, Let God Sort 'em Out" or just "Operation Genocide for Oil" for the truth of the matter.

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