Saturday, July 07, 2007

Movie Reviews

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I know this is trival, but I feel I must recommend a movie: Ratatouille. Go see it. You won't be sorry. Really. Even Mr. Vidiot laughed out loud.

Now, as for the Transformers, while the CGI was more than exceptional, the memes and product placements and propaganda were equally exceptional. "All sentient beings deserve freedom" indeed. The portrayal of African Americans and the glorification of the army was appalling. There was one scene at the beginning where they were bombing a village in Qatar and I couldn't help but think about all those villages in Iraq (and soon, Iran) that were bombed just like that, killing 100s of thousands of innocent civilians.

The previews before the Transformers, however, were interesting. Along with the ridiculous amount of child-oriented movies that are just horrible, there were two trailers that fascinated me. First, the trailer for The Invasion has a fascinating jab at GW. (Listen to what they're saying as they walk over the letters GW that are inlaid into the floor.) Then there was a second trailer for a movie that looks like a cross between a monster movie and Blair Witch. According to some blogs I read, the whole movie will be shot using hand-helds to make it look like the monster and its attack on New York is being covered by citizen journalists. It opens 1-18-08. Looks fabulous. The pirated trailer for that was here, but Paramount made them take it down. Sorry.



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