Monday, July 16, 2007

A Real Man Slams Senator for Lying About How the Troops Support bush's Illegal War

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One of the best exchanges on any of the Sunday shows yesterday happened between Senator James Webb (D-Real Man) and that pusillanimous putz and maladministration toady, Lindsay Graham (R-Lies About Troops). I won't go into a great deal of of their conversation on Meet the Press, but there is a gem of a quote from Senator Webb that is all over the web today, so I'm sure you can find it (The Huffington Post has the video).

He quite forcefully interrupted Graham and said, "I really object to that, politicians putting words into the mouths of the troops." (This may not be exact, but close enough.)

There is, IMO, no slimier, sleazier, miscreant in the entire Senate than Graham, and I have for years yelled at my TV in frustration every time a punk like this or bush/cheney or any other fear-mongering coward claims to be "speaking for the troops" and the even more specious claim that they are reenlisting in record numbers.

On the reenlistments, what would you do if you were in Iraq for the third time, a stop-loss order preventing you from getting out of the service, with tours being made longer and longer, which guarantees all sorts of marital and family problem that might be resolved by taking that reenlistment for the money. They're stuck anyway so they might as well get extra cash to send home.

As to putting words into the mouths of the troops, Graham asked Senator Webb if he had been to Iraq and the good Senator pointed out that Graham has never been in Iraq - he's only gone there for the dog-and-pony shows the military uses to put a pretty face on things - and further Senator Webb showed Graham the latest poll in which more than half of our forces no longer believe in this mission in Iraq, which is a rate not much different than the public-at-large.

Moreover, the military is not some monolithic block whose member's views always coincide, and it's BS to claim otherwise. Of course, lying and BS is all the Republican Party knows how to do; they sure as hell can't run a country or govern effectively.

Way to go Senator Webb! Please keep publicly and noisily debunking the lies of any/all Republicans claiming to speak for the troops.

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