Friday, July 13, 2007

St. John McCain Spends $23m to Find Out What I Would Have Told Him For Free

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Here's yet another reason people are rightfully losing faith in anything Republican/GOP.

As reported by the, St. John is broke - at least in political terms - with only $250k of his former treasury of $23m dollars:
CNN has learned the already-dire situation for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign has actually gotten even worse, with two sources close to the candidate saying the campaign only has a paltry $250,000 left.

The sources tell CNN that next week the McCain campaign will reveal it has about $1.75 million in unpaid debts, wiping out the $2 million in cash-on-hand the campaign currently has in the bank.[…]

A McCain spokesman had no comment on the latest financial troubles, which will spark a new round of speculation about the candidate’s viability. Campaign officials are expected to release details about campaign’s financial situation early next week.
St John has exhausted a total of $23m, and I fervently pray that he winds up so broke that he will have to dig into his personal wallet to pay for his debts.

But, at least he won't have to pay for a lot of fancy advice from fancy advisors that charge hugh sums of money to lose elections. I will give him the advice he needs right now, right here:
John, what you have to remember is that people hate losers, they hate losers even more when they flip-flop on every single important issue facing the country, as you have, and most of all the public hates a loser who makes it plain they they intend to continue to lead the country off a cliff by following the failed policies of the bush/cheney maladministration.
So, there ya have it, John. You are losing your ass because you are a loser candidate still espousing the losing ways of the GOP and playing rah-rah cheerleader for them while the country sinks deeper and deeper into debt and disgrace.

And that didn't cost ya a penny.

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