Monday, October 08, 2007

Famous actress Meryl Streep admits to being a junkie

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Some really sad news is being reported in London regarding Meryl Streep, in my opinion among the finest actresses of my time and a Hollywood icon. An obviously distraught, but nonetheless still optimistic Ms. Streep, told TimesOnline:
[…]Streep says… “I’m a news junkie – C-Span, BBC, CNN.” Journalists, she believes, “circled” the whole story “and came to it late. [sic] You can’t be the servant of two masters.” She admires correspondents such as CNN’s Baghdad bureau chief Michael Ware and wishes she was “Christiane Amanpour [CNN], but I’m just not cut out for it”.…
This wonderfully talented actress wishes to assure her adoring fans [Like me! Bill] that she will be back in fine form by the time her next movie will start filming.

"Tomorrow I'll be checking myself into the Robert Downey, Jr. Rehabilitation Center, and when I've completed that program I'll undergo regular follow-up counseling at the Charlie Sheen School for Wayward Catholic Cheerleaders," she said.

Let's all keep this wonderfully talented actress in our prayers and wish her a speedy recovery.

NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that I, too, have suffered from this crippling malady and relapsed thirty-two times. Pray for me…

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