Saturday, October 06, 2007

Umm, about those 'freedoms' we're fighting for?

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I'm pretty sure one of them used to be Freedom of the Press:
U.S. Confiscates AP Footage At Scene of Bloody Baghdad Bombing

BAGHDAD A daring ambush of bombs and gunfire left Poland's ambassador pinned down in a burning vehicle Wednesday before being pulled to safety and airlifted in a rescue mission by the embattled security firm Blackwater USA. At least three people were killed, including a Polish bodyguard.

American authorities confiscated an AP Television News videotape that contained scenes of the wounded being evacuated. U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Scott Bleichwehl told AP that Iraqi law make it illegal to photograph or videotape the aftermath of bombings or other attacks.
Yet another example of how Bush has brought peace and democracy to the Middle East.

The US has a very selective way of upholding Iraqi law.

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