Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Stupid Senatorial Tricks

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The Senate just voted on an amendment to require government employees to adhere to the rules regarding travel. It seems that the lawlessness of the bush maladministration "trickled down" to minor employees who felt entitled to travel first class instead of business or second class, thus spending two-four times more money than should have been spent for employment related transportation. It is easy enough to see why they would operate under the misapprehension that they were so entitled based upon the examples of one illegality after another being committed by the bush maladministration without censure or condemnation.

This resulted in America paying MILLIONS in extra tax dollars, money that would not have been spent if maladministration employees just followed the law as a condition to their continued employment.

Now, as I remember it, the Rethugs of the GOP are supposed to be the law and order party, so it amazes me that Senator DeMint (R-Waste of skin) would feel it necessary to propose an amendment to require government employees to follow the rules already on the books. Is the old mantra of, "It's not necessary to make new laws when enforcement of the laws extant should suffice…" no longer a conservative creed?

There was a much simpler solution to my mind. Identify each and every employee violating the travel restrictions, require them to reimburse to the Treasury every penny of money spent unlawfully by that employee, and summarily dismissing any employee whom refused to reimburse the difference between first class and the authorized form of travel.

I guess the GOP, now thoroughly entrenched in lawlessness, just didn't desire to get back the money ill-spent by employees, so instead, they sponsor a totally unnecessary amendment that will operate prospectively and not retroactively. Every employee is already required to follow the rules and conditions of their employment, but I guess the GOP wanted to start repairing their status as the "law and order" party by passing "show" legislation that is both not necessary, and which is duplicative of laws, regulations, and ordinary job requirements already on the books.

Way to go, GOP! Remind all your employees to follow the law, pass a new law to ensure they do, and make sure no one goes after the employees for reimbursement of illegally expended funds.

It's a brave new world out there.

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