Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Russia may stop bush from making another horrible mistake

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I think it's great that, finally, a well-known leader of one of the only superpowers left today, President Putin of Russia, went to Iran and spoke about Iran having absolutely every right in the world to pursue the peaceful use of nuclear power. Every signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty already knows this, and it has always mystified me that bush and cohorts could ignore that fact and address Iran in the most bellicose manner possible, probably a cheap attempt to provoke a reaction from Iran's leaders that bush could then twist into a reason to bomb Iran.

And it really strikes me that here America should be defending Iran's rights instead of condemning them, and that it takes a real leader like Putin to travel to Iran and reaffirm that which the world has seemingly forgotten, that as signers of the NPT they have every right to nuclear power.

Russia has a deal to build them a nuclear reactor to help provide electric power for Iran and likely would look with disfavor upon any other nation that would attack and destroy that reactor.

Putin is not all talk and bluster and a person to whom diplomacy is mistaken as a sign of weakness as bush seems to believe.

Funny, isn't it, that bush is scared to death to engage Iran with diplomacy - talk! - while Putin does not fear to actually go to Iran to engage in talks despite death threats that, in my opinion, were planted by the bush propaganda machine to try and stop Putin's trip.

Not every leader is as cowardly as bush.

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