Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Answer bogus polls with the truth

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Because I made a mistake and contributed money to the worthless Dems last year I am, of course, now on their permanent mailing list and last week received one of those "Please answer this survey so the Democratic leadership can get my input," brochures. I'm sure every contributor has received these before, most probably just trashed it, some no doubt took the survey, but I decided from the way the questions were phrased that they were designed very carefully to guide you toward Democratic positions on a variety of measures. I usually trash it since I know they are simply seeking validation of their well-known positions and didn't give a damn about my opinion. And besides their positions were so weak as to be laughable.

This year I did not do that. I took a heavy black pen and wrote over each of their questions that I just want them to "Stop Bush" at any cost. Let the Rethugs filibuster, fill up the tree in the Senate, don't allow any Rethug measures pass, to obstruct and stop bush for the sake of our country.

I just firmly belief that about 70% of Americans just want to see bush stopped, stopped cold and unable to continue ruining this once great country that is now a third-rate banana republic, without the bananas.

JUST STOP BUSH FROM GETTING ANYMORE OF HIS PERNICIOUS PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS APPROVED AT ALL. Just don't bring any Rethug favored legislation to a vote, and let him veto the Democratic legislation that we can get passed. Yes, it will cause a variety of problems, BUT NO PROBLEM MORE SERIOUS THAN AMERICA BEING DESTROYED AT A FASTER AND FASTER PACE.

Of course, we don't currently have Democratic leaders to just stop bush at all costs, they lack the spine and courage, but I firmly believe that it would be better to just "STOP BUSH" than allow him to do more damage domestically, internationally, and constitutionally.

If any of you agree with me, please call your representatives and TELL THEM that it is far more important to temporarily restrain our government until it is replaced with a government that is "NOT BUSH!" Use "continuing resolutions" to continue funding certain parts of the government and if bush vetoes them just explain that it is more important by far to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to actually protect the document everyone of them took an oath to protect, AND AMERICA HAS NEVER FACED A GREATER DOMESTIC THREAT TO OUR CONSTITUTION THAN THE BUSH/CHENEY MALADMINISTRATION POSES. (Yes, I'm yelling at my computer with the all caps, and I just wish everyone would join me in yelling to their representatives to just "STOP BUSH.")

I would at least respect them for that. It's harder and harder to have faith in Democrats anymore, and a bold move such as this may be what they need to finally place some restraints on bush and recover their previous reputations of old as being the "party of the people."

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