Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stupid Senatorial Tricks

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Senator Judd Gregg (R-NoHope) spends more time whining on the floor of the Senate about the same procedures the Republicans used against Democrats while they were in the majority that I've ever seen. It truly is a demeaning (but hysterically funny) sight to watch him snivel, bitch, and moan, aside from his complaint being the ultimate in chutzpah.

Harry Reid is quite jovially reminding the Republicans that they used all the same tricks that he is now beginning to use against them.

All he did was 'fill the tree' and not allow amendments to the omnibus farm bill that do not directly relate to the farm bill. That, of course, means that the Rethugs cannot keep proposing amendment after non-germaine amendment to slow or completely stop the Senate from proceeding. No amendments for any other topic so they can kill the bill with a blizzard of nonsense amendments, but you'd think they were trying to take away Gregg's library card or something.

Now Mitch McConnell (R-KYJelly) has joined in the pity party and is just the most laughably pitiful man spouting off just to hear himself talk.

All Reid has done is stop the Rethugs from playing their games, and boy, do they squeal like stuck pigs.

UPDATE: I modified this Wednesday very slightly to correct a sentence I thought was very grammatically confusing by deleting "with their obstructionist ways" that followed the words "stop the Senate from proceeding" in the third paragraph. After a third & fourth reading I just decided it made for easier understanding to just delete the words. Bill

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