Thursday, November 08, 2007

This is what despicable looks like.

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And it looks like Deroy Murdock, a contributing editor at the National Review Online.

I cannot believe that I'm reading something like this.
Excerpt: While the White House must beware not to inform our enemies what to expect if captured, today’s clueless anti-waterboarding rhetoric merits this tactic’s vigorous defense. Waterboarding is something of which every American should be proud.

Waterboarding makes tight-lipped terrorists talk. At least three major al-Qaeda leaders reportedly have been waterboarded, most notably Khalid Sheik Mohammed.
What, what, what??! Proud? Is he crazy?

And it gets better. Then Mr. Murdock goes on to say that Bush shouldn't bother opposing waterboarding since the people who hate him, "the liberals", hate him so much that even if Bush opposed waterboarding, they'd still hate him. So, he might was well use it because it "loosens lips without causing permanent physical injuries" and well, it's only used on those Muslims and not Americans anyway.

While I'm obviously not surprised to find such disgusting rhetoric in the National Review, it still amazes me that such ignorance exists.


I mean, WOW.

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At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

Yeah, they broke Khalid Sheik Mohammed and he confessed to every single act of terrorism in the known world for the last thirty years, including the first WTC bombing, killing Daniel Pearl, hijacking ships, the Millennium plot, kidnapping the Lindburgh baby, and stealing donkeys for resale on the black market.

Oh, yeah, torture works. Now there is a pall of doubt over every terror conviction of the last twenty years years.

At 5:24 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

BA wrote:"Now there is a pall of doubt over every terror conviction of the last twenty years years."

Bushco in a nutshell, pall bearers for America.

At 6:48 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...



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