Wednesday, November 07, 2007

bush has destroyed America's reputation, so I can't wait 'til he's on permanent vacation

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From Raw Story:
"America's reputation, standing and influence are at all-time lows, and possibly sinking further," the report by a 20-member think-tank commissioned by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) said, citing half a dozen opinion polls from around the world.

"The terrorist attacks on 9/11 caused America to become a frightened and angry nation," it said.

"We reacted in ways that alarmed people the world over ... we relied excessively on hard military power to fight the war against terrorists and violent extremists.

"Ultimately this is a battle that will be won by ideas, not bullets. Just like the Cold War, we will prevail when the world chooses the opportunities we defend over the despair offered by our enemies."

The report, which was more than a year in the making, said the United States has focused too much on the war on terror and relied too heavily on military might in its foreign policy.[…]

It called on the next US president to chart a new course towards a "smarter" foreign policy that balances hard power -- "wielding carrots and sticks to get what you want" -- and soft power -- "the ability to attract people to our side without coercion."

By shifting its foreign policy focus from the war on terror to championing the global good, the United States will not only defeat terrorism but will also restore its greatness, the report said.
While I agree with every sentiment expressed here, we cannot forget that "the war on terra" was simply a construct used by bush/cheney to justify attacking Iraq for control of its oil fields, so the job of restoring our honor will be much more difficult as bush continues his systematic genocide of the Iraqi people to accomplish that goal.

Can anyone doubt that it is more important to just "stop bush" at all costs instead of suffering ever greater offensives under his so-called "leadership?" How much more will the world tolerate bush's imperial desires to militarily conquer all the oil-rich countries of the world?

The statement, "The terrorist attacks on 9/11 caused America to become a frightened and angry nation," confirms what I have thought for a long time: we are no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave as bush used extraordinary propaganda, egregious illegalities, and relentless fear/war-mongering to bring to us such new lows that it is impossible for the world to see or understand the greatness of this country and our people.

All we hear from Rethugs is "eternal war! eternal war!" and that world view will become the undoing of this wonderful country. Democrats like to offer hope and caring for our citizens and other citizens around the world.

The contrast could not be greater.

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