Thursday, November 08, 2007

What a deal! Commit crimes then order people not to talk!

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This short article describes what is becoming emblematic of what's wrong with America:
The Bush administration blocked a Marine Corps lawyer from testifying before Congress today that severe techniques employed by U.S. interrogators derailed his prosecution of a suspected al Qaeda terrorist.

The move comes as the administration seeks to tamp down concerns about detainee policies that flared up after attorney general-designate Michael Mukasey declined to tell senators whether he believes that waterboarding, or simulated drowning of prisoners, constitutes torture. The debate has focused on whether severe interrogation practices, some of which critics consider to be torture, are legal, moral or effective.
Man, ya just can't beat being able to violate any law you wish, especially one as offensive and morally repugnant as torturing human beings, and then order all the witnesses, under pain of courts martial for disobeying, not to talk about the illegal acts they have witnessed.

Da mob got nuttin' on bush.

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