Thursday, November 08, 2007

Are the worms turning?

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HOORAY! Our gutless, rubberstamping, sycophantic cowards in congress have overridden bush's veto of the water bill just passed!

Wouldn't it be nice if they had the guts to restore the Constitution they SWORE to protect and override the certain vetoes of the worst president ever in American History that would follow?

Also, just for the record, some rethug reported the other day that bush had "finally" spent as much money as LBJ did during his presidency. I can't remember now where I saw that lie.

It is well documented and has been shown on the floor of the Senate (with charts! with letters! and words!) that GWB has spent more money THAN ALL 42 PRECEDING PRESIDENTS COMBINED. More than all the money spent by this country in the 200-230 years before bush.

Just for the record.

Also, isn't it amazing how people all over the world are mobbing up and fighting for democracy while the formerly greatest democracy in the world is now composed of silent sheep?

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