Monday, December 10, 2007

A New World Order?

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A reader sent me a link to this article. It’s an extremely depressing one on how the destruction of our society is a constructed event. It's based upon a report by the Stanford Research Institute and the Charles F. Kettering Foundation for the Dept. of Education called Changing Images of Man.
The research revealed that there were a multitude of crises that were about to intersect in America's near future. Not the least of these converging catastrophes was a rapidly approaching breakdown of both American capitalism and democracy. The collapse was a natural result of globalism and monopoly capitalism. The basic greed that powers the system eroded the American political and economic structures, exposing the foundation of immorality and unfairness that amplifies the social unrest. The Stanford researchers clearly predicted that the American economy was destined to collapse from its own dead weight. The data also showed that that economic collapse was to be accompanied by disastrous social repercussions, such as rioting and upheaval, which would lead us into a "garrison state."
Though, according to the article, the authors of Changing Images thought that somehow, the multinational corporations and the power elite would at some point become the benevolent guides through this process of change.


Like THAT would ever happen.

Capitalism is what it is because of greed. Without greed or profit, there is no capitalism. The only thing that’s going to change that is for people to wake up and realize that the power elite are a bunch of vampires that should be destroyed. There will be no easy transition. It might go well at first, but it will crash and burn and it will be ugly.

That's if they wake up though.



At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Bill Arnett said...

If you want to read why society is inevitably going to collapse read "Aggression" by Konrad Lorenz (yeah, the nature/nurture guy who imitated a mother goose's actions until a whole flock of goslings bonded with him and followed him everywhere). It was translated from the original German and was definitely the most difficult material I ever tried to absorb and learn, but he detailed the reasons for societal collapse better than anyone I've ever read. It's scary stuff, but I see his predictions coming true more every day.


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