Saturday, January 12, 2008

King bush and his "Killer" Embassy in Iraq…

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The firefighting system in the massive $736 million embassy complex in Baghdad has potential safety problems that top U.S. officials dismissed in their rush to declare construction largely completed by the end of last year, according to internal State Department documents, e-mails and interviews.

Some officials assert that in the push to complete the long-delayed project, potentially life-threatening problems have been left untouched. "This is serious enough to get someone killed," said a State Department official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he feared retaliation. "The fire systems are the tip of the iceberg. That is the most visible. But no one has ever inspected the electrical system, the power plant" and other parts of the embassy complex, which will house more than 1,000 people and is vulnerable to mortar attacks.
I can just hear the arrogant little prick, bush, at the meetings where the Embassy discussion came up.

"Now, ya see, we need to build the world's biggest embassy right smack dab in the middle of the most unstable country in the world, and I want it big, Texas-style big. In fact, make it bigger than that Vatican thang where the pope lives so the pope will know better that to f*ck with us with his high falutin' speeches. He's not on our side so he's against us. Besides, it took them Catholics over two-thousand years to build it and I don't like men in silly hats lecturing America on what's right or wrong. That's my job as the Decider.

And building it right in the middle of the least secure area of Iraq will prove to the pope and the world that we ain't afraid of sh*t. Our diplomats will just have to learn to hear incoming mortars or they'll be martyrs. [slapping his leg while laughing] Heh heh. I made a joke, didja get it? Mortars - martyrs, I don't know why people say I ain't got no sense of humor.

And we've had so much success in the past allowing our enemies to build our embassies. Remember when the Russians built an embassy for us and practically lined the walls with microphones and cameras to spy on us? We learned a lot about their sources and methods after that. Sure we lost lots of CIA agents before we figured out what was going on, but that's just war for ya.

Make sure everybody knows that this will be so big an embassy that it won't matter if the thing constitutes a fire hazard. Yes sir, everything changed after 9/11, so now we build buildings that collapse at a controlled rate of speed so the staff will know exactly how many seconds they have to live before the building comes down on their heads after an attack, and the building is designed to fall mostly into the largest swimming pool we ever built so it's a way less fire hazard than the WTC.

And find that guy from the State Department who refused to identify himself 'cause he feared retribution and levy upon him retribution that makes the Lord's seven plaques look like amateur hour, then water board him 'til he tells you who he snitched us off to and then have them water-boarded just for the Hell of it. "Cept this time record it in hi-def widescreen with 5.1 THX Dolby Digital surround sound so everybody can hear the screams clearly. The way these furriners talk with those funny accents you'd think they never learned to speak english real good like I done.

The videographer was so awful, just terrible, in all those films I had to have them erased. So let's do it right this time.

And tell that pope to watch his ass when he criticizes me, an American deity, from now on, unless he would like to visit a CIA prison near him. Tell him not to make me send the Big Dick Cheney after his ass, or he could wind up at Gitmo."

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