Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When will someone - ANYONE - speak out against nuclear war…

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that the U.S., acting through jewish surrogates, fully intends to engage in another illegal war of aggression, against Iran this time, and that it will entail the first use of nuclear weapons since WWII. This will be bush's "legacy" of shame that will surely reduce Israel and America to the status of inhuman monsters, killing hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of women, children, and totally innocent men indiscriminately, inhumanely, and in a manner certain to result in the greatest humanitarian and ecological disaster in history.

The environmental disaster from the fallout and decades of radiation-induced deaths and deformities of future Iranians, as well as in countries bordering Iran, will be horrific.

And for what reason? Because Iran is perfectly and lawfully, by treaty, enriching uranium to power its perfectly legal nuclear reactors.

A people who survived the Holocaust of WWII will themselves be the ones inflicting a Holocaust on the Iranians, aided and abetted by America, a country to which Iran poses absolutely no threat.

They will do this in the name of their god and justify their crimes as a preemptive strike against a country they IMAGINE might pose a threat to them.

And, as a result, the entire world will realize that the nuclear-armed countries of America and Israel are willing destroy the world to further their political ends, giving Russia, China, and many other countries the incentive to strike America and Israel with nuclear weapons before America and Israel turn their sights to their own, peaceful countries.

Too, a nuclear strike against another Muslim country will simply affirm everything Osama bin laden and other radical clerics have been saying for years about the West. That our only intent and desire is to kill them all without mercy.

And what do you reckon Saudi Arabia will do with its $20 billion order of American-made sophisticated weaponry? Sit there and watch while their stated and hated enemy Israel uses nukes against unarmed, nuclear speaking, countries?

"If World War III is fought with nuclear weapons, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Albert Einstein.

No wonder I cannot believe in the existence of a god, and a good thing, too. For if a god exists he/she will be mightily pissed with humans too weak to resist the perversion of war and an inability to recognize the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

Apparently in America and Israel there is no thought or care about man's inhumanity to man. How sad.

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