Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you.

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Bloomberg doesn't want his millions to be taxes, 'natch.
Raising taxes on the city's wealthiest residents will simply send them packing, Mayor Bloomberg warned yesterday as he denounced a plan to impose a higher income tax on those earning $1 million or more.

"If you were to raise taxes on a particular group of people, their alternative is moving out of the city and taking with them all of the revenues they generate, their businesses and everything else," the billionaire mayor said.

Uh, Mr. Bloomberg? If you raise taxes on regular folks, they'll leave too and there's way more of us than there are of you. Though, that could be Bloomberg’s ultimate plan. He’s already done his level best to “clean up this city” and make more like Disney World. Bloomberg never could stand the grit and grime of this town. I’m sure that, before he was mayor, he’d grouse and complain and said, “If I were in charge, I’d make the taxis prettier, make the bus stands prettier, make the magazine stands prettier, get rid of those old ugly brownstones and put up some nice, clean buildings.” etc. and so forth.



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