Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beam yourself up, Scotty…

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…or are you already so high you can get by without the beam?

People who genuinely follow modern politics already know that:
bush is the worst world leader in history.
He has surrounded himself with a doltish sycophantic staff that enables his fantasies and acts as his Andover Cheering Squad.
bush lies just because he likes to lie, deceive, mislead, and is genetically unable to tell the truth (look to the parents on this one).
He (bush) has built the greatest propaganda machine since, well, those people of German descent who liked to kill millions last century.
bush is engaging in not one, not just two, but soon will be engaging in his third genocide for the purpose of stealing oil.
Anyone working for bush that claims they didn't witness and know of bush's destruction and bankruptcy of our society is a liar or too stupid to breathe without instructions.
And belatedly having a "come to Jesus" moment like Scott McClellan apparently has does not make an honest or truthful man of Scotty whose opinion that crimes were committed is no longer of any value after keeping mum and not speaking out in time to stop the crime or aid in prosecution of those crimes.
Scotty is therefore hook, line, and sinker embroiled up to his eyeballs in criminality, betrayal of the country, and he is a demonstrated coward for only now coming forward with the truth he has known for years.
And, if Scotty wrote about the good things bush has done it would have been printed on the fliers you find on your cars in supermarket parking lots.
It kills me that after all the phony rightwing authors that have had their books bought by Republican "think-tanks" to create the illusion that the book is a bestseller will be shunning Scotty as if he carries the bird flu. He is already being minimized by the W.H. as a "disgruntled employee," and everyone knows there is nowhere else to go after labeling someone a disgruntled employee.

And if Scotty should just "disappear," rest assured he will be basking in the beautiful Cuban sunshine, getting three hots and a cot, and feverishly working to finish writing his assertions that his first book was entirely a work of fiction, just like everyone else speaking ill of the W.H. or bush.

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