Monday, June 02, 2008

How to be a TV 'Financial Expert' when it's obvious you don't know…

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…what the hell you're talking about and you keep talking blue skies and ice cream pies when it's all plainly lies and no surprise.

CNNs 'financial reporter,' Gerry Willis, is overjoyed this morning and spreading the good news with peppy talk, big smiles, and a celebratory style.

The reason for such unrestrained joy? Gas prices didn't go up today.

Of course, gas prices didn't go down, either, leaving just as many people in dire straits as were in dire straits yesterday.


So, you see, the only qualifications for being a first-rate TV financial analyst are…uh…oh hell, it beats me.

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At 1:34 AM, Blogger The Sailor said...

Woo hoo! gas prices didn't go up!

But wages went down and unemployment went up. I'm no economist but I think that means effectively gas prices went up.

I'm pretty damn lucky with my current job, but even I'm going to have a staycation this summer.

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous bill arnett said...

Ya can't forget food prices, clothing, recreation (I used to know what that was) etc., etc., etc.

When the oil is gone we're all sunk - 'cept for you sailors!


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