Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh, c'mon! Let's stop all this rending of garments, wails of despair, cries…

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…of unfairness, and the phony-baloney BS about Hillary and her "bargaining power" to set at least part of the Democratic Party agenda.

Hillary is absolutely irrelevant to this election from here on out. What? Hundreds of thousands of democrats are suddenly going to abandon the party for four more years of McSame?

Is Hillary to be the latest of "in power" democrats to fail to support the party and betray everything for which she was SUPPOSED to stand? She's going to so f*ck up Obama's rightful claim as the nominee and help lose this election, the one chance America has to relegate the Rethuglicans into obscurity? She would help McSame win with her useless egocentric stance that she alone deserves to be president?

At least Geraldine Ferrero exited with style and grace and not all this stamping of her widdle foot and cries of, "It's my turn to be pwesident. It's my turn! Damn the nation and the throngs of tens upon tens of thousands of people supporting Obama. Who cares if the Democratic Party can once again elect a "rock star president," well-known, welcomed, and honored by world leaders and the public as well?

Is she THAT stupid? That vindictive? That plain ole mean? 'Cause if she is I wouldn't vote for her for dogcatcher.

Is Hillary a traitor to the democrats? A betrayer of everything for which democrats used to stand? Is she so egotistical she cannot see the damage and grief she is causing? How many voters she is denying and isolating with the famous Clinton triangulation schemes?

I'd put it this way: if she, through whatever machinations and dirty tricks she is obviously capable of calling upon, prevents Obama's election, what chance do you think we will ever have to later elect a woman or a black?

I never liked Hillary, I never trusted her, I never depended on her to be a moral, outstanding citizen willing to sacrifice for the good of all Americans, and she is now proving why she sets the hair on the back of my neck standing up.

I do hope she comes to her senses before McSame's election becomes a Republican walk in the park.

But this is what happens when you allow "political dynasty" families to come into rule: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, all without regard to the state of the country or the world.

So, Hillary, which is it to be? Traitor to democrats and enabler of republicans? Or are you still a democrat at all.



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