Friday, September 26, 2008

Why the S&L crisis from 15 years ago matters today

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The media has given a tremendous pass to McCain on the Keating 5 thing. Watch this 97 second clip. It explains it so well, you can't imagine how this man can even THINK about running for president.

I was talking to Mr. Vidiot about it this morning. All of McCain's stunts thus far have been just that-- stunts. Choosing Palin, so nobody would talk about what a liar he was, or 'suspending his campaign' so he could swoop into DC and 'fix' the banking crisis so nobody would talk about his poll numbers tanking. Stuff like that. It's political theater and cheap political theater at that.

Listen, both of them do the political theater thing. ALL politicians do. However, it's kinda' like being robbed by a professional and being robbed by a bungling thief. You're still robbed, but at least you appreciate the skill of the professional.

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