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Why Jericho was cancelled

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If you haven't ordered Jericho on your Netflix yet, do it. It's a VERY good show and unusually seditious... which is why I think it was canceled. It's not perfect mind you. It still goes on about saving the United States, but it does point out the more glaring contradictions in the system.

So, last night, Mr. Vidiot and I were finally getting around to watching the last few episodes on Joost and both of us were stunned by one of the scenes.

Not to ruin too much of the plot line, our hero Jake (played oddly well by Skeet Ulrich) is being Gitmo'd by a commander working for the provisional government that has been formed several months after 23 US cities were destroyed by nuclear bombs. By this point in the series, Jericho has withstood radiation fallout, an EMP blast, thieving criminals, a resource war with a neighboring town, and a multitude of threats from both random bad guys and organized bad guys. One of the organized bad guy groups is a Brown and Root/Halliburton knockoff called Jennings and Rall/Ravenwood. Well, anyway, while Jake is being Gitmo'd, in his haze, he starts to hallucinate a conversation with his grandfather that goes something like this (and this is transcribed by memory and various resources on the web that recount the scene so it's not exact):
Jake says, "It's not a matter of convincing one man that he's wrong. It's a whole system!"

"You think it's impossible?" his grandfather asks and then adds that it's all happened before, "If the names weren't Jennings and Rall, they would be names like The British East India Trading Company. If it wasn't Ravenwood, it would be The Hessian Mercenaries. It all comes down to the same thing."

Jake looks up at his grandfather. "Revolution," he realizes.

His grandfather nods, smiling and repeats what Jake said "Revolution."
And THAT'S why the show got canceled. It shows people working together and fighting back against corrupt corporations and a corrupt government. Granted, in the show, they're doing it to restore the US government, which out here in reality land is the corrupt and wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-national and trans-national corporation complex, but hey, nothing is perfect.

How this show got by the censors and why is anyone's guess.

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At 2:17 PM, Blogger teddymac said...

I sent nuts to CBS for a second season of Jericho and I'm proud that I did.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

that's funny.

I didn't even discover the show until after it was canceled. I can't even remember why we picked it up at the DVD rental place but once we started, it was like crack. We'd watch a few episodes and literally run back the DVD place for the the next batch of episodes.

In fact, the whole impetus for figuring out how to watch the computer on the TV was getting our hands on the second season of Jericho.

Yes, we're quite mad here at casa Vidiot.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

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At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jericho is currently enjoying an encore showng on The CW, Sundays at 7/6c.

There will be a Jericho graphic novel coming out in the fall and a Jericho movie is in development.

Jericho is not dead!

You can read more about the campaign to Save Jericho Again here:

At 10:00 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Thanks Ratkeeper! While I suspect you're a paid employee of whatever company makes money from the Jericho enterprise, I am indeed grateful for the update!

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous truthful said...

Watch ZEITGEIST the movie it explains everything. The first half is about religion, but the second half explains the Rockerfellers/Fed Reserve etc.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

I've seen both Zeitgeists. The second one in particular, the Addendum, was quite good and Mr. Vidiot, the sociologist, said it was very accurate.

I just wasn't all that crazy about the cult-like organization it was promoting.

At 6:58 AM, Blogger Devid said...

Nice Blog where i found the Reason of cancellations of Jericho.I love to watch Jericho episodes.Season one is the Best season at least for me.

At 5:23 AM, Anonymous Andy said...

My wife and I just started watching it and we can't stop watching them!!! We were so sad when we learned it was only a season and a couple more episodes.

We've only watched the first 8 episodes, but I can see why it was cancelled. With all the mind numbing garbage on tv these days, do you really think they want us watching a movie about standing up for ourselves and meshing together for the better good? LOL, I bet our little friends at CBS were told to drop the show by "Big Brother".

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and a friend of mine had similar discussions about the reasons why such a show with a great plot, good acting, and a suspenseful storyline could be canceled.
Its too telling. Look at the headlines within a year about Blackwater and lets not forget the cheney companies. Now there's talk of national tea parties. my friends if you think it was money you are dead wrong.

At 4:45 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

i don't know what to think about the tea parties. the way the media was going on about them, you'd think it was a huge popular movement. and if the media is going on about them then they are either 1) concocted by the media or 2) the media is using it as a distraction from something else. No other options.


When Jake said that, our jaws dropped.

At 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jericho is a good show.This blog is too good.I download Jericho seasons from this link.I never misses even a single episode of this show.

At 2:54 PM, Blogger charley said...

I am a big fan of Jericho TV Show. Coz the plot of the show is very different but interesting.

At 12:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just transcribed this from the audio. never got around to watching the whole show through until now, and my jaw also dropped during the second hallucination scene in s02e07. amazing show.
it's not about convincing one man he's wrong, it's... it's a whole system.
you think it's impossible? this has all happened before. if the names weren't Jennings and Raul they would be names like the British East India Trading Company. If it wasn't Ravenwood it would be the Hessian mercenaries. It all comes down to the same thing.

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jericho TV Show had present the great concept to us. But its really sad that this show has been canceled after two seasons.

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Bevin Chu said...

I'm inclined to agree.

Jericho was too good a show.

I too suspect its libertarian politics proved too sensitive to the establishment.

At 3:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jericho was such a great show I want them to make a season 3 it was just so great I finish both season in two days, this my number 1 favorite show normally I hate show but this one I really like

At 1:13 AM, Blogger Willie Fufu said...

We watched both seasons of Jericho, in two days. What are we supposed to do, now? This is rare for someone to put together such a good television show, then leave us hanging, by canceling it, ok, probably not so rare. I really don't get it, how do the boring shows, with no talent actors keep coming back year after year, while believable, entertaining, addicting shows like Jericho are cancelled? This show had the chemistry that others just don't have. There are so many stupid television shows and the reality, game shows make me want to read a book or go for a drive, anything but watch television. O.K., I really liked this show. We just discovered this show in Net Flix.

At 3:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on. Fuck you scum who see this and know you could never defeat the good and righteousness within the American people. We know why you cancelled this tv series and it only bolsters our resolve. Great show...highly recommended!

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Mario Cutillo said...

that was one of my favorite shows. I just finished season 2. How can you cancel something on the second season episode 7.? You at least have to go to 10 episodes that was horrible. Please bring it back or make another season or something how did that show get cancelled I still don't understand by what you tried to explain before. So can you please explain to me why it was cancelled in a different way maybe.? Thank you is the best show.


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