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The Time to be Brave is NOW

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After several introductory missives here at this blog I am now steadying my hand and preparing to dig.

I chose today's subject out of a necessity to travel the whole road from beginning to end and not to simply be dropped off at some middle point. The scenery and nuances of the journey of truth cannot be fully processed without a clear understanding of the scope of the entire route.

For today's subject we must walk bravely and forthrightly into the truth of the attacks of 9/11/01. We must walk up the blind hill, toward the sound of cannon and gunfire and prepare to take our consciousness and community back from those intent on our confusion and blind faith. For without full understanding of the intents and purposes of those events and the mechanics involved we will cease being the United States of of the free and home of the brave. Everything now hinges on that event and it's interpretation.

Here's one thing I know to be true. The true enablers of the attacks and resultant chaos are busted. They know it. Although we cannot officially name names yet we know by the fierce defense of the official narrative and the almost hysterical mindless pushback regarding discussion on the issue, they know they are busted. By and large the people who secretly and coldly planned these attacks screwed it up big time. They left too many loose ends. They made many incredibly stupid mistakes. They underestimated the true intelligence of the people. They were too bold. They counted on a lockstep media and corrupt justice system. They also could not act very well.

So today, even though the custom now is to imbed a million links and give you too much to do to get my point across, I am simply going to tell you what I know and ask you to get involved and take up the mantle of truth, justice freedom and peace.

Believe it or not, against the advice of some of my more astute friends, I believed the official fairytale about nineteen hijackers, a bearded man in a cave, and a completely non-testicled trillion dollar military for a year and a half after 9/11/01. Then a very simple thing happened. I saw a film about the Pentagon attack that revealed nothing that resembled a crash or impact of a huge Boeing 757 at the site. Being a fan of old sayings...mostly because they are struck me that a picture indeed is worth a thousand words. There appeared to be no fuselage, no giant wing sections, no body parts, no luggage, no seats, no wiring and no crater. The only thing visible was a nice tidy lawn at the impact site and a roughly twenty-foot hole in the building. Ask yourself one simple question. Did anyone anywhere see a completely unambiguous photo or film of a large jetliner about to hit or hitting the Pentagon? If so, I, and about 300 million Americans as well as the rest of humanity, would like to see it. Show it to me and I will chill out! Despite the positioning of over eighty security cameras on that building not one piece of unambiguous footage has been shown to the public indicating a huge jet aircraft impacted that building at roughly 9:30 am on 9/11/01. One would think that on a beautiful day in Washington D.C., a city full of tourists with cameras, that somebody would surface with something that indicated the event occurred as it was narrated. In addition the government wants us to believe that this entire forty-ton machine "evaporated" in the inferno yet the DNA remains of the victims were identified. This is the height of chutzpah to ask us to believe that! Of course the entire body of forensic materials is not available for examination due to national security classifications. [Note by The Vidiot: The issue of the Pentagon Plane is a point of contention in the blogosphere. If you disagree with GPW, state so with facts. Do not lambast what he says based on this one point. That’s how the issue is used by 9/11 truth debunkers.]

My questions about the Pentagon are many-fold:
That is a very short synopsis about the Pentagon on 9/11/01 and my initial steps in questioning the veracity of the official narrative. Of course one should do their own independent research.

Let's look at our national defense mechanisms that day.

Why does the mainstream media ignore such pertinent truth?

Folks let me put this as succinctly as possible. The attacks of 9/11, be they whatever they were, could not have possibly been accomplished without the complicity of the military. The hijacked aircraft flew over many well-established air bases, including Wright-Patterson in Dayton and Andrews across the river from the Pentagon, all of which have many levels of radar and were aware of the situation. Without a full accounting of the military's activities that day, there is no reason to ever give them another dime of taxpayer money...period, end of discussion. There is however plenty of reason to inquire, protect whistleblowers, prosecute and, hopefully, fully reform. I see no way around this because if they were in any way complicit in the killing of Americans on American soil and are allowed to go free they will kill again if it suits their needs. This is not to mention the fact that our Republic is in the shitter big time. We must capture the high ground of truth here. We are the rag tag bunch of renegades in a revolution of information. We have the tools and the info. The hard research is done. It is time to be brave and take action.

Let's talk about the Twin Towers, building 7 and the NYC attacks. I am no stranger to big cities and skyscrapers. I grew up in Chicago and delivered parcels to The John Hancock building, The Sears Tower and The Standard Oil Building as well as others. I know how big they are and can only imagine how devastatingly hard they must fall. I want all New Yorkers to take a pause here.....pause.....thank you. I don't know the intimate post-traumatic stress that you must feel in regards to the attacks and the aftermath of destruction. I weep in solidarity with you and to this day cry when I see the images of people looking for their loved ones. This is why I will never quit in the fight for truth. We can be true allies here. I fully understand the way some New Yorkers may never want to revisit the trauma but please don't recoil form what may very well be some horrible ugly truths about that day. Let others work through this but don't close your mind. The perpetrators of this mega-crime are counting on you to be cowed forever. To those of us in the truth movement we will ride in your honor and bear as best we can your burden. Our solidarity is critical. Just as George Washington fought for New York City against the British so must we persevere and defend Manhattan again from the pronouncements of these new kings that reign death and destruction from afar. These enemies are not across an ocean of water. They reside behind a sea of TV screens, editorial departments, computers and the government media apparatus.

Am I the only one who wonders…
If such questions are not asked by good Americans and the citizens of this planet at large, who do we assume is going to step to the plate and do it? I think you might know the answer to that question. You must now understand that I am only scratching the surface of the Big Lie but it is up to you now. When the Revolutionary army marched against the greatest odds and the most powerful forces on the planet in the name of truth, justice and freedom they did not do it in a vacuum. They did not do it alone. Folks with great worry and consternation about their efforts fed them, clothed them and offered words of support along the way. This is the job of ordinary Americans now. You must simply do your homework, become aware and be supportive of those willing to go the distance for your future and the future of your offspring. If you can join the fight for truth you will be welcomed but please, above all, inform yourself. New Yorkers are the great ally in this battle, for we must never allow another city to be taken in this manner again. Please support the fall ballot initiative called NYCCAN to establish a new investigation. Sign your name and be proud. When we attain a fully independent investigation those on the side of truth will feel the intensity. When we get prosecutions we will drink heartily. When we get convictions we will surely be up all night. When we incarcerate and conceivably execute for treason we will weep for humanity.

There are other truths people must know about the attacks of 9/11/01.

The involvement of at least four intelligence agencies are implicated in this matter. The Saudi intelligence apparatus (redacted in the Congressional 9/11inquiry), the Pakistani ISI (funding Mohammed Atta), The Israeli Mossad (caught red-handed celebrating and documenting the attacks in New Jersey as well as being busted for a huge spy ring prior to 9/11), and the CIA/FBI crowd (who scuttled investigations into the so-called hijackers and were following them around as they set up shop). This 9/11 thing was one gigantic intelligence/military/industrial secret operation. The victims were Americans.

The media is being tightly controlled, withholding any semblance of truth about 9/11 from escaping and in fact they are on the offensive to classify the truth movement, which now contains professionals of all types, as goofy.

The 9/11 Commission, far from being a truth provider, is a self-admitted farce controlled by government insiders that had no mandate to accuse anyone of anything.

Folks, I am running out of time here but lets leave it at this. The research has been done. I cannot possibly condense the information that you need to know into a short article. My message is something much more spiritual. You, if you are American and reading this, have a deep commitment to retrace the footsteps of the founding geniuses that codified freedom some two hundred years ago. If you are not American it matters not...your duty to humanity requires that this crime be fully accounted for. We must persevere together in a worldwide solidarity movement that must eventually alleviate the fear of each other and bolster the safety and security of future generations on this planet. The American story is one of courage and brash adherence to principle. In that sense all that is American is still right before us if we choose to grasp it. To not do so is to acquiesce to tyranny. We've tried that before and it is not pretty.

I advise you all to hitch your wagon to 9/11 truth and do so with due diligence. The time to be brave is now.

Next time.........our so-called representatives...




At 3:58 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

And never, ever forget that the only aircraft in the air the day after, 9-12-01, were the charter planes with military escorts sent by the bush maladministration to transport the many members of the bin Laden family out of the country.

And that Osama will never be caught as his father has been in bed and in business with bush senior's Carlyle Group for over twenty years, and ya just don't go aroung killing the sons of your business partners.

Bad form, you know.

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, there's another reason why he's not been caught. HE'S DEAD!

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a CONSPIRACY THEORY(tm). Throughout the entire text of GPW's review, It is quite obvious that the whole United States has not a stitch of clothing available to cover its self-immolating nakedness.

However, there is one observation that begs the question where the Worker observes: "This 9/11 thing was one gigantic intelligence/military/industrial secret operation. The victims were Americans."

Well, Iraq is also a direct-consequent victim, as are also Afghanistan AND Iran. furthermore, 9-11's progressive list of victims ain't finished quite yet.

Secrecy is the key. Whenever any government can use YOUR money to build what are essentially bomb shelters for itself (but not you), when that "YOU" encompasses more than ninety-five percent of the human population, You should realize that our (global) govenment fully intends to victimize that population with terminal velocity.

Ultimately, human-specific dieoff IS the specific plan.



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