Monday, July 13, 2009

Am I the only one laughing myself sick at the irony…

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…of the gop, the most law-breaking, ignore the rule of law, and seeking any means of personal aggrandizement whether legal or not party in the entire history of America carping about a judicial appointment?

There are so many war criminals in the republican party that if you had a shot of whiskey every time one is named you would be in dire danger of alcohol poisoning.

republicans are traitors and brigands devoted to paying lip service to 'the rule of law' and looking every more silly and ever more self-destructive after having fought tooth-and-nail to impeach Bill Clinton for a personal flaw that had no effect at all on America or its safety. Now they are totally ignoring and willfully overlooking the hugh body of evidence documenting King George's and the Big Dick's incredible insanity in willfully violating law after law after law, damaging America's reputation, endangering our safety, pursuing and instigating illegal wars, conducting a genocide in Iraq, killing millions and displacing millions more, and abusing presidential power in the same manner as every petty dictator who ever subjugated a country. With republican support! Traitors!

When a republican sings, "This land is my land…," they actually mean that America belongs to their party and no other political entity need apply. America is theirs do with what they will, no matter how perverse, illegal, or damaging to America and Americans. (And from the sheer numbers of republicans exposed as wife-cheaters and perpetrators of immoral acts they have a good head start.)

Worst yet, they believe the entire world should be under their thumb and will bomb and destroy any country they believe is not obeying their edicts.

"You shall kneel before me Jor-el! Both you, and one day your heirs!" might as well be the official republican motto! With a few minor changes of course.

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