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Just a thought on a comment made by the Vidiot…

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…in a post below regarding Climategate by Mike Rivero.

I have to admit I have no idea who this person is, whether he be fool, wise man, or just another tool driven by his own moral sense of what's right or wrong or even carrying water for the government. Sailor seems to hold Mr. Rivero in low regard indeed while the Vidiot seems inclined to consider his (Rivero's) point of view as worthy of being heard and considered regardless of the possibly dubious source.

Sailor: "Oh fer gawd's sake, you really want to go with Mike Rivero!? Sheesh, he's Glen Beck w/o the audience. He's a loon! Next time try quoting climatologists instead of conspiracy aficionados."

To which the Vidiot replied: "Like another POV is going to hurt anybody? …Here' MY POV: Whatever the government tells you is the truth, is a lie. Period. End of discussion.

Very few people have been trained to be professional liars; most lie reflexively as a protection mechanism or to coverup the truth or, properly trained, to almost instantaneously brainwash those with whom they communicate for gain, fair or foul. Fewer still are born with an innate aptitude to lie faster than the speed of thought, without thinking about it.

I was a very well trained, active daily, professional liar for fifteen years when I bounty hunted for a living, although for any good lie to work there must be some truth incorporated within, and occasionally that truth, founded on a lie, become the fact of the matter and yielded successes unable to be attained by the lie only. I was a very successful bounty hunter.

During those years I personally was responsible for returning hundreds of felons and countless misdemeanants to court or jail, including the Southside rapist in Sacramento, child molesters beyond count, and Robert Hal Brame, whom I busted in Ft. Lauderdale. That bust, which I ran from my office in Sacramento, wound up with seven F.L.P.D. detectives finally closing in for the bust after I finally located a jilted girlfriend and used her to positively I.D. Brame's voice. Twenty-three hours from start to bust and I never left my office. He was again busted here in California years later as "The Gentleman Bandit" who robbed banks in three piece suits and so courteously no one ever paid attention to him 'til he was gone.

The greatest advantage of being a professional liar was that ability mentioned above to brainwash people whom you had never met, didn't know, nor had ever talked to before. If I could get a message to the skip to call me, nine out of ten times they would call to rub my face in their escape if for no other reason. However, once on the phone, the fish was in the net.

If I could keep that skip on the line for one hour, he or she would actually tell me where they were. If I could keep them on the line for another hour beyond the first, they WOULD come back voluntarily. I was a long distance brainwasher, all accomplished through ruse, trickery, sometimes deceit, mostly truth, all mixed into a witches' brew that seemed at times to have endowed me with incredible powers to weave spells and make water run contrary to gravity.

There were plenty of road trips my Warrior Woman and I took (I swear to the universe, my wife can pick a bail skip out of a crowd of his brothers at a family reunion from a hundred yards away without ever erring, not once. So when my partner said he would no longer pay her expenses on the road I said O.K., find another team, as she was crucial to mine. Took him less than five minutes to come back in and guarantee all our road expenses, period, as he had seen her in action, and we did have the very best road record of any bounty hunters in Sacramento; gone five days, five in jail; gone ten days, ten or more in jail; we never failed to nail at least one skip a day on the road.) As I located skips by phone (which was probably 98% of the time; my regular phone bill usually exceeded ten to twelve thousand dollars a month, my partners equal or greater.) I would put a pin in this hugh beautiful Thomas Bros. map of the U.S. that came just shy of covering one entire wall of my office indicating in which city the skips were. Get enough pins, take a piece of yarn and run it from pin-to-pin to layout the most efficient route, hopefully a circle or some semblance thereof to minimize driving, call my Warrior Woman, give her about 1/2 hour notice and hit the road. I have busted skips in virtually every state of America.

I used to joke around and tell people that I was so sneaky I scared myself until I woke up one morning and realized that it was true. Although as a point of pride I never did, and still don't, lie to a friend; honesty almost to the point of brutality (Are you SURE you want me to answer that question?) was the rule, though I did learn to ask that preceding parenthetical question.

But is was true. My ability to lie so facilely, without compunction, so convincingly that I could not NOT be believed, scared me spitless. Even though I lied professionally to aid society in ridding itself of all those felons and miscreants, the six or eight murderers a year we would ask the FBI to put into the Sacramento Bee Secret Witness program that, when located by us and jailed by the Feds, (some of these people scared the hell out of me, so strictly anonymity was the rule) netted us $60k-$80k or more in addition to the lucrative lying of a professional bounty hunter. Even though I knew without question that my lies benefitted society as a whole, working in total anonymity, a wraith blowing through cities leaving behind one incarcerated drag on society after another and then vanishing without leaving a trail, and I finally woke up scared to death at what I had become: a liar so accomplished that I could rip apart the earth, metaphorically speaking, and locate anyone, any skip, and have them in jail in under 72-hours.

And that was after cheap bail agents tried all their local P.D.s, Sheriff Departments, hotshot local bounty hunters and all had failed, and then that cheap S.O.B. bail agent would come crawling on hands and knees to my partner and I and finally agree to our inflexible rate of charge of 50% of the penal amount of the bond plus all expenses. A $100,000 abscond meant my partner and I picked up $50k plus in under 72-hours flat. With a 98% success rate.

I was a professional liar who became terrified with an ability so natural it was like breathing or the other motor responses of a living organism, having become so eerily skilled as to be able to make anyone think or believe anything I so desired.

I guess this is my meandering, wandering way of emphatically agreeing with the Vidiot and speaking from personal experience, although my talent came all too naturally and ultimately morphed into something too frightening to handle:

Here' MY POV: Whatever the government tells you is the truth, is a lie. Period. End of discussion.

I whole-heartedly agree with this caveat: This country, and the world, is filled with people for whom lying is as natural as breathing, and far too many of us find our way into politics, the media, or other outlets where lying provides gains, lawful or not.

I know. To paraphrase A.A., "Hi, my name is Bill, and I'm a scary good liar so good that I scare myself."

NOTE: I would reluctantly, but willingly, give Sailor or the Vidiot all the proof they need to confirm every word I have written here. I am retired from being a professional liar and long distance brainwasher.

POSTSCRIPT; A day after getting Brame busted, Leo Callahan, Chief of police F.L.P.D. called me on my main "blind line." (His name could have been Leo Koloion, one was Chief Detective the other chief of police and I often get the names confused. For these purposes I'll leave it as it is.)

Me: Hello.
He: This this leo Callahan, Chief of Police here in Fort Lauderdale and I want to know who the hell you are, what agency you work for, how you put this three-ring circle puzzle together, and got seven of my detectives involved in the biggest bust of their careers. The Brame guy had over $600,000 in warrants out for him here and in North Carolina and I just gotta know who the f__k you are.
Me; I'm Bill Arnett, I'm a bounty hunter in Sacramento, CA and I just was doing a job - but give me the names of all the detectives involved so I can send 'em all an "atta-boy" letter for their jackets.
He: Bullsh*t! There's no goddamn way a bounty hunter put this all together in under 24 hours. Now if you're with the Feds or an agency you can't reveal, I understand, but a bounty hunter" Bullsh*t!
Me: Chief, do us both a favor and ask your secretary to go through information and call Allied Bail Bonds in Sacramento and ask for me - that'll settle it in your mind.

Two minutes later the phone outside my back (concealed) office rang and whoever answered hollered out for me that some dude's secretary was calling for me.

Me: Chief, I gotta go take your call on the main line, talk to ya further there. (Hung up, went out front, grabbed phone)Hey, Chief, this is Bill Arnett.
He: Well I'll be damned. I'd still like all the numbers where I can reach you. My detectives said you engineered this entire bust from start to finish. I want you to know personally that I tried, I really tried, to give you all the credit due, but our local press wouldn't have any of it. They wanted to blow the horn for the local P.D. and wouldn't give anyone, especially an unknown like you, any of the credit. Anyway, I thank you and if you write those letters for the detectives I'll follow it up with one of my own.
me: Cool. chief, but I gotta go.
He: Thank you again.

I wrote those letters, the chief added one of his own to each as promised, and sent me full color letterhead copies with a side letter commending me. It was a gas, gas, gas.

And, oddly, that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I scare myself too much to lie anymore.

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At 7:29 PM, Blogger The Vidiot said...


At 1:47 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Thank you, thank you, don't applaud, just throw money! ;)

I sincerely doubt I could handle the physical side on the obverse of that coin, having kicked in way more than my share of doors, foot chases through people's yards, across busy highways, and tackling and manhandling skips to cuff 'em up and wrap them in ribbons and bows for the P.D.s involved. (Aw, I was just joshing, I mostly didn't have to cuff 'em.) The blackbelts I had in Shoto-kan and Kuntaw, a very powerful Filipino martial art helped too. If an angry skip came at me with intentions of inflicting harm upon my person I could stop 95% of them thusly: "STOP right there, right now. You may have a foot in height and 50-100 lbs on me, but you have to remember, YOU have warrants, not me, so when the cops do arrive here and peel me off the side of your head, you're going to jail with new charges, not me. If that failed and they attacked when they regained their faculties they would be cuffed and flexi-cuffed at the knees and ankles, looking at the pretty patterns on the ceiling and wondering how they had gotten there. I learned when working Town Patrol in the Philippines, next to Angeles City with 3,500 bars servicing 15,000 G.I.s and their dependents that if a fight in a bar didn't end in thirty seconds or under, you were in trouble. Beside, I had a real penchant, the physical training and abilities, and the skill to either throw people out windows, which had bars on the outside so I could keep throwing a guy out the window for him to rebound back to me, into a wall, a bar, a car, or any other hard item until the perp had the decency to fall down unconscious for easy cuffing. I was almost afraid to hit them, I used to shatter 6" bricks routinely until I broke the top brick and reduced it to pieces no larger than a quarter, but also, unfortunately, simultaneously shattering the left support brick, driving it left and downward so hard that the debris broke two metatarsals in my left foot.

Our only iron-clad, !00% guarantee was that we could not, and would not ever lose a bar fight, even if we called in all 24 of our people and then had to start drawing on the 1,100 Security Police on base. Had we lost it would have caused a lost of the respect of the locals, who always cheered and cheered when we walked into a brawl, broke it up inside 30 seconds and then began dragging cuffed prisoners out and loading 'em in our jeeps. But these are stories of adventures far away and long ago. I don't want to bore you, but if requested I'd be happy to relive more old memories. Memories that for the most part remain and were not lost with the large blocks of memories wiped out from Agent Orange exposure, the resultant tortures I endured to remain alive, but that took from me an almost eidetic memory and as Howard Cosell would have said, "Look at the champ! He looks like just a mere shadow of his former self!" Its probably good for me to memorialize the memories I have left before they, too, vanish into the mist where only the silverback gorillas receive any entertainment from my musings.

Let me know, won't you, please?

At 7:39 AM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

Yes please! I find them fascinating. It's like reading a movie.

Uh, have you ever thought about writing a book on this stuff? You're a great writer and the stories are awesome. I'm tellin' you, it would sell.

At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say what? Why, I have you know that I used to take three of you Town-Patrol yokels on a week and mop the floor with you!

Signed: Joe Isuzu

(joke by DanD ... :o)

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BA observes: "Very few people have been trained to be professional liars; most lie reflexively as a protection mechanism or to coverup the truth or, properly trained, to almost instantaneously brainwash those with whom they communicate for gain, fair or foul. Fewer still are born with an innate aptitude to lie faster than the speed of thought, without thinking about it."

Actually Bill, the way I see it, virtually all government workers have been trained -- as a part of their specialization -- to lie to the general public.

Under "normal" circumstances, to be considered a liar, society first requires that a suspected liar first must know that he/she is lying. Otherwise, the worst you could brand them of is being a shill (which, under certain circumstances, is actually worse)

But, by default, ANYBODY who works for the government must be branded as a liar. Example given: TAX COLLECTORS are liars. As the Dollar becomes more worthless, tax collectors are really going to ratchet up the lies.

Fundamentally, "clueless lying" is a government specialty ... they call it "plausible deniability."

You see, people have been retrained to believe that lying is totally acceptable just as long as the goal being sought is morally uplifting. This is why Christian-Zionists can so faithfully lie to themselves about the -- uh -- "Biblicity" of The Rapture and fully support Zionland's war-criminal genocide against non-Jewish Palestinians. After all, how can it be a lie if it ultimately causes "G_d's Plan" to happen?

Only intellectual creatures suffer from insanity.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger The Vidiot said...

I know a few non-intellectual types who are quite insane.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


If it can manipulate intangibly established symbols sufficiently to process and fulfill the social needs and cultural obligations that are required for basic environmental survival, then it indeed is a functionally intellectual creature.

Insightful intelligence is something entirely different. Language is the defining tool of intellect. Animals are non-intellectual. On the other hand, Ditto-heads are just a very low intellectual variety of the human species ... they possess very little intelligence and experience virtually no insight.

industrial technology is an amoral consequence of intellect.


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

You seem to have missed my point slightly. Of course anyone can lie, but when that lie is elevated to a work of art more spectacular than ordinary mere prevarication, raised to the level that (in my case) I never knew what I was going to say, what scam I would use, what was going to work or not until the very last second before the phone was answered and then, faster than the laws of physics would seem to allow (after all, as someone said once, light believed itself to be the fastest thing in the universe until it realized that wherever it went it had been beaten and preceded by Darkness), I would begin speaking as my sub-conscience dictated without waiting for rational thought to catch up. That was the point at which I realized I had a talent, if lying be considered a talent, that exceeded anything I could or was able to imagine or understand, and that's what made it scary. E.S.P. cubed, squared, and multiplied by googol. To use a fictional example, it was as if I could instantly 'mind-meld' with another person without any connection other than that provided by the phone line. THAT is what eventually came to scare me to death. I would sometimes be upset with myself because i hadn't located my skip in the first hour I had the file, so I would tell my Warrior Woman that I would not be home for dinner, to shower, or sleep until that S.O.B. was in jail. She'd laugh and say, "O.K., honey, s-u-u-u-r-r-r-r-e-e!"

I never missed a meal in fifteen years. And I think a particular, unknown to me or others, type or kind of insanity free-floating above reality and existing only when I became prescient enough to glimpse it just beyond the range of my peripheral vision and began to float back and forth between our physical world and that world that could not, logically, exist.


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