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Yet another tale that generically demonstrates what a professional liar can do…

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…this story is true, one of the first and one of the best, easiest scams to locate a skip's girlfriend. I mentioned in a post below that while the skip (probably 90% of those I chased were male) himself might be very experienced at hiding, his girlfriend still had to call her momma and, more importantly, still had to feed her babies and provide income.

It was almost axiomatic that if a new girlfriend bailed a guy out, he would break up with her and go back to his old main squeeze Either way welfare alone helped me bust several hundred people through the years, Remember when I say no inside contacts at all? Here's the way it was done by me, most people laughing it off saying, "No one would fall for that!" they were seriously wrong.

Dial number to Sac (or any other welfare dept. in the country) and these events ensue:

She: Sacramento county welfare, this is…Tanya…, may I help you?
Me: Hey, how ya doing? This is Ron Callister from Yolo County welfare and I need to verify past benefits on Sue Smith. I'm the new guy in the office so I get stuck screening apps for benefits.
She: No problem, do you have her social (security number))
Me: I sure do; it's 444-33-5555 and the name should be a Sue or Susan Smith.
She; Well, I don't know why she would be applying over there, she's been collecting benefits here for years.
Me: Well, if you could give me her current address I'll kick this back to the worker so she can question her about this,
She: Sure, that 109 North B Street, Apt D as in David
Me: Do yu show residential phone service?
She: That would be (916) 555-3333. Need anything else?
Me: Nope, I'm just a simple screener and know nothing of the arcane science of actually working with people!
She:(laughing) Well if you need anything else, just call.
Me: I thank you kindly. Bye-Bye.

A quick call to the number given and through too many ruses to list, sometimes just, especially if a kid answered.
Me: Hi, this is Bobby Gardener (usually a name taken off his app), is Ronnie home?
Them: Naw, he doesn't come home before six or seven o'clock.
Me: Al righty then, I'll call back then.
Call terminates.

I would shift to stake-out mode, make connections with the local patrol unit and brief them, and sit back and wait, Picture in hand for Ronnie to come home.

In this case an obviously drunk Ronnie pulls up, staggers up to Apt D. I would take one of my favorite tools, a tire air cap that also had a stem remover on it. went over after calling the local patrol and pulled the valve stem from his right rear tire, then go back to await the patrol.

When they pulled in, anticipating that it was door-kicking time, I told them what I had done and that if they waited in the alley running between he apartments I would hand deliver Ronnie.

Up to the apartment, start pounding on the door, Ronnie, a little P.O., answers the door, "What the f*ck do you want?
Me, in an excited voice, "Hey man, look I'm sorry for botherin' you, but don't you drive the blue Ford down there?"
He: What about it.
Me: 'cause I just seen two guys stab your back tire, I think the right one.
He: Are you f*cking kidding me?
Me: No, man, come look for yourself! And I think I might know one of the dudes that did it!

He came running down the stairs behind me and while I kept him fixated on the tire the two patrol officers walked right up behind him. After some bs about he wasn't the Ronnie Jones they wanted, man!, I slipped his mug shot to one of the cops, he showed his partner, grabbed Ronnie, slammed him against the car, cuffed him up and got ready to go;
Ronnie: Officers, you're not gonna let that a$$hole get away with stabbin' my tire are you?
Me: (deliberately holding the valve stem, I walked over and in ten seconds reinserted the valve stem) No one stabbed your tire, Ronnie. And thank you very much officer. If you don't mind giving me your names and badge numbers I'll send an "attaboy" to your chief. You never know when it'll look good enough for a promotion.

They did so; I did as promised regarding the letter, and another skip down in less than eleven hours, start to finish.

And that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Tomorrow, if I am up to it, I'll detail how I used to pull the long distance from virtually any phone number in America, Although It will be based on actual cases I worked, the names, addresses, etc., have been changed to protect the innocent, guilty, accused and everyone else but me.

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